Masterclass for Artisan Skincare Entrepreneurs

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to create 21 of our best-selling, retail-ready skincare recipes
  • Learn how to create waterless recipes and preservative-free recipes
  • Learn about raw and vegan ingredients knowledge
  • Learn how to create water/oil recipes with emusifying wax
  • Learn about an eco-cert approved preservative you could use in your w/o recipes
  • Learn about DIY microbial testing for w/o recipes
  • Learn about sourcing and purchasing ingredients (North America only) trends and what to look for
  • Learn how to make soap using the EASY and SAFE melt n’ pour method (no cold process soap making here!)
  • Learn how to create solid eco-friendly skincare bars
  • Learn how to create a creamy conditioner and body lotion
  • Learn how to make Vitamin C face oils and aromatherapy body oils
  • Learn how to launch your natural skincare products into retail
  • Learn about waxes and vegan wax alternatives
  • Learn about human skin basics and skin conditions
  • Learn about The Dirty Dozen Toxic Chemicals in skincare
  • Learn about Hero ingredients in skincare products and why you need one
  • Learn about cold-pressed carrier oils in skincare
  • Learn about clays and raw butters in natural skincare
  • Learn about raw superfood extracts in skincare (for hyperpigmentation, natural colouring and more!)
  • Learn about packaging and labelling for retail
  • Learn about branding and value propositions
  • Learn about marketing strategies for your small business
  • Learn about product liability insurance
  • Learn quality control and testing measure that you can implement today
  • Learn about distribution channels and strategies
  • Learn about pricing strategies and how to calculate COGS
  • Learn how to pitch to a retail buyer
  • Learn how to craft a mini-marketing plan
  • Certificate of Completion available from Nuworld Botanicals
  • Learn how to make powder masks and exfoliators using strictly raw ingredients


  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Be passionate about creating, inventing and experimenting
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit


Masterclass for Artisan Skincare Entrepreneurs

Today, it’s clear that being a small-batch artisan skincare maker can mean big business. And you don’t necessarily need an expensive degree or chemistry background to do it. Natalie Cascella, CEO, Author and Founder of Nuworld Botanicals is your Masterclass Coach, along with her sister Lana Marconi, Ph.D., R.Ac and her team of Nuworld Botanicals Mixologists. 

Natalie sees a unique opportunity to draw from her own history of building a successful Canadian natural skincare company to helping other entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business. Natalie has created, marketed and sold her own brand of natural skincare products in major retailers including Whole Foods Market, The Shopping Channel and Indigo for 7-plus years and now she’s breaking down the steps, for you! 

This course will teach you the art of raw skincare making and the business of launching into retail. The course is a mix of practical business lessons, proven and tested recipes and ingredients knowledge. You will learn how to create retail-ready products in your own kitchen including organic face oils, masks, body scrubs, vegan body creams, hair conditioner, shampoo and cleansing bars and more!  Some of the recipes Natalie shares are best-sellers she’s sold in Whole Foods Market.  You will learn practical and proven business strategies from pricing your products for the retail shelf to testing, labeling and branding. In addition, Natalie shares how to adapt your marketing strategies in times of COVID-19.

Natalie’s original recipes can be made with less than 10 raw ingredients and completed in under 30 minutes! Formulation methods are super easy, quick and uncomplicated. No specialized equipment required (at the most a double-boiler). Some ingredients you may even have in your own kitchen. Natalie loves to work with organic superfood ingredients she uses in her smoothies, like spirulina, turmeric for example and she encourages you to mix and match ingredients to make each recipe your own. If you are looking for easy, effective and safe skincare making using strictly raw organic plant-based ingredients, this course is for you.  This course is 100% chemical-free!

Ready to build your natural skincare empire? Let’s go!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in starting or creating a natural skincare brand
  • Anyone interested in DIY skincare as simply a hobby
  • Anyone interested in DIY skincare to avoid toxic chemicals in their personal care products
  • Anyone interested in launching their skincare brand into retail
  • Anyone interested in launching their skincare into retail

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