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Massage Professional: 15 Hours, 11 Accredited Certificates

What you’ll learn

  • Give 15 Different Types of Massage & Earn Up to 11 CTAA Certificates.
  • Become a Successful Massage Therapist by Giving Market-Leading International Fusion Massages
  • Create and perform a wide variety of Personalized Fusion Massages, blending your choice of techniques and using your choice of equipment.
  • Optimize your Freelance Business and Marketing Strategies with our eBook.
  • Whether you are a beginner, lover or pro: enjoy the benefits of a truly sophisticated touch; explore new dimensions of satisfaction and relief..
  • Transform any oil-based massage into an Aromatherapy Massage, using your choice of 52 Essential Oils.
  • Choose your own music! Enjoy our tutorials with beautiful soundtracks or play the narrated tutorials with no music.
  • Perform an effective 9-minute ‘Back Rub’, integrating an array of professional techniques ideal for social settings when you have no equipment.
  • Perform a relaxing 20-minute Back Massage on a bed, ideal for beginners and couples.
  • Perform a 55-minute full-body Swedish Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 90-minute full-body Thai Yoga Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 65-minute Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 45-minute Indian Head Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 25-minute Deep Tissue & 40-minute Sports Massage; these are simple treatments aimed at general benefits.
  • Perform a 40-minute Hot Stone Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform an 11-minute Hand Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 15-minute Foot Massage at a professional standard, including the use of Hot Stone techniques.
  • Perform a simple 17-minute Chair / Seated Back Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 40-minute Rhythmic Thai Massage at a professional standard.
  • Perform a 15-30 minute simple Zen Shiatsu treatment at the level of a basic practitioner.


  • No prior massage knowledge or skill is needed to complete this course.
  • Although most techniques can be performed on a bed or floor, some techniques can logistically only be performed on a massage table or massage chair.
  • You will need a device and internet connection to stream videos and read or print the Course Book (PDF format).


Last chance to buy! Massage Professional: 15 Hours, 11 Accredited Certificates

We, Ebodhi, will be withdrawing all courses from Udemy on Sunday, 11 September 2022, so this will be the last day to sign up. We are not planning on returning to this platform. This will not affected enrolled students who will still enjoy lifetime access and support from us. Thank you.

Note on Price and Reviews

We do not participate in Udemy discount promotions as this course has already been priced to give great value. This course was the result of years of study, filming, writing, flights around the world, and other investments, in an ambitious effort to make it a comprehensive learning resource for international massage styles and fusion treatments.

We wanted to lower the entry cost, both in terms of time and money, for a global massage skill set – the kind that will actually keep your clients coming back, so you can spend more time giving treatments and less time marketing them. We provide an awesome skill set for roughly the cost of a single massage treatment at a spa.

Despite the fact the other courses on Udemy cost slightly less, we are currently one of the very highest-rate massage courses on Udemy. In view of the discount-cheap price tags on other courses, we feel our high ratings speak much more impressively. Make no mistake, when you buy the cheapest courses, more often than not, you are generally paying by spending more time to achieve less consistent results.


Every month, Massage Professional is a Top Five Bestseller in the ‘Massage’ Category on Udemy.

Kick-start a massage career (or optimize your existing one) with an easy-to-learn, yet sophisticated international skill set.

Pick and choose what to learn, spoil your loved ones and enrich your personal life by educating your touch.

Join more than 6,500 students currently learning with Ebodhi from more than 124 countries.

If you choose to, you can use our resource to Become a Top-Rate Massage Therapist…

What Our Students Say…

The course is having quite an effect on me. It comes from a very spiritual place and I empathise very much with the energy. I find my instinctive side is given a wonderful opportunity to present itself, unlike school and traditional learning which was always too academic for me. This is like a breath of fresh air, and I really appreciate where you are coming from, and that you have responded to my queries with 100% delivery.
Thank you, so much.
Please quote me if you want a reference anywhere.

– Rose Arthur

Excellent course. Professionally captured (sound and camera), understandable, clear and detailed. Although I have been a professional in this business, I have learned many new techniques and approaches. Warm recommendation. Thanks for your job.

– Nino Kaplanović

This course is designed and presented perfectly for anyone wishing to learn or master a variety of massage techniques. The lesson are easily accessible and well narrated, and the resource text compliments the video lessons well. It’s given me the confidence to try a range of techniques on my friends and family, and feedback has been positive. A great course to dip into as and when you can.

– Sophie-Beth Williams

Totally worth the money!!!! Very in-depth and comprehensive course! (The massage school in my country doesn’t teach half the material presented in this course).

– Kezia Anna Ramroop

So far the course seems very well thought out as well as arranged in such a way that each lesson is informative and educational yet flows into each other very gradually and smoothly. I feel that having such high quality video and audio to give both commentary as well as a visual reference makes this course by far perfect for many individuals with different learning styles.

– Jonathan Johnson

Thoroughly enjoying this course! Love the Narrator’s voice and explanations. I’m adding new things to my repertoire.

– Francine Koorneef

This is a great program….very high quality and informational videos and books …that is all I was looking for 🙂

– Mehran Sadeghy Daghighy

It’s simply amazing. This course is indeed an upgrade. Wow! I am happy I have enrolled on this course.

– Carolina Adhikari

The explanations of the stretches were very clear and new to me. I watched the free tutorial prior to purchasing the complete course and am convinced this is what I’ve been looking for. These were very professionally produced and from what I’ve seen some of the best of any instructional video I’ve seen on any subject. Good job.

– Justin Smith

Fantastic. I have other certifications in massage, but this course is fantastic. The explained and clearly visible way of applying the techniques leaves no room for error. Congratulations, I definitely recommend this course. Fantastic. Thanks a lot

– Manuel Jose Camoes Castanho

Yes. I am already a registered massage therapist, and found that the techniques are great in incorporating into my practice!

– Grace

I have just finished the Zen Shiatsu part of the course and I must say that I really was not that interested in it. I thought its a bit like reiki and not much like massage – but WOW I loved delivering it and everyone who let me practice on them were blown away. One friend described it as an Etheric cleansing – but WOW,WOW,WOW – Thank you for including it in this course.

– Jacqueline Fulton

I’m using this course to touch up my skills. It’s very in depth and detailed. A lot I’m familiar with, but I’m actually learning new things. Well done you guys.

– Alex Blunt

This course is just so well structured learning has never being so easy, all the learning tools given to you are fantastic for the different types of learners, I could’ve never be so productive if it wasn’t for the photo notes given for every single massage technique

– Jose M Cantillo

Thank you so much for this amazing course!!! It has completely changed my life and i’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

– Taloa Walters

very informative! love how many techniques are broken down and the way the effectiveness is explained.

– Dr. Thomas George

An incredibly detailed course with tons of information, well-structured, with high-quality videos and demonstrations. Camera angles – contrary to other course on here – show perfectly well what to do and where to do it. Amazing instructions, both in the video (I actually followed the video for the safe massages to get a feeling of it and it worked splendidly), as well as in the truly massive books you get with the course. I love the holistic approach to this, energy, aromatherapy, the like. It’s what I use in my daily job as well. 🙂 Thanks also for the calming music, for the many different massages that actually work instantly, and the unbelievably quick replies to answers. Well worth the money, which is to be honest such an amazing value. What you get here for 50€ is so valuable and I bet other people make hundreds and thousands off of this. Not to mention proper certificates with a proper practical examination – other courses just send people out there to practise even when it’s not always safe to do so. I will take the examination for a couple of the massages (I’m not daring to go the Thai way ;p), and am already looking forward to it.

– Isabel Oswald

Designed For Complete Beginners, Experienced Professionals & Aspiring Professionals

‘Massage Professional’ is a detailed video course teaching a wide range of massage styles from around globe, and how to creatively mix them.

If you are a beginner, learn to seriously impress your friends, family and lovers with a uniquely personalized fusion massage; an experience like they have never had before (not even at high-end spas).

If you are an aspiring professional, or perhaps you already have years of experience in massage theory already, appreciate a valuable expansion of your skill set. Design your own one-of-a-kind signature treatments and turn first-time clients into long-term, loyal customers.

After more than a decade of professional massage experience, three years in production, we crafted this resource to be a comprehensive, one-stop world-class selection of techniques and knowledge.

Use these methods to lead the market for massage therapy, or simply upgrade your life with new dimensions of touch.

We spent years of our lives, traveled the world, and it cost us well over $12,000 in tuition fees (plus thousands more in traveling and accommodation costs) to learn these methods – which we now share for less than 1% of what we paid to learn, making this an incredible investment.

15 Styles of Massage, 15+ Hours of Footage filmed in 5 countries, 3 eBooks and 11 CTAA-Accredited Certificates

We provide more resources, knowledge, practical skills and qualifications than any other online massage course. We crafted this course to be concise, thorough, and a pleasure to use; many of our students say they have had a better experience with us than with traditional, real-life schools.

This course features the beautiful, critically-acclaimed musical work of Silvertortoise, Chad Lawson, Technical Pillow, Technical Thoughts, and Aneek Thapar.

Course Content:

Narrated Tutorial Videos with Music
 (as well as ‘No Music Versions‘, so you can enjoy the tutorials while playing your own choice of music in the background):

Back Rub (9 min)
Massage on a Bed (20 min)
Swedish Full-Body (54 min)
Traditional Thai Yoga (96 min)
Rhythmic Thai (43 min, a fairly simple introduction to a selection of dynamic techniques)
Deep Tissue (25 min, basic)
Sports (38 min, basic)
Hawaiian (67 min)
Hot Stone (45 min)
Indian Head (46 min)
Hand (12 min)
Foot (47 min)
Seated Back / Chair (17 min, basic)
Zen Shiatsu (45 min, basic).

Non-narrated Demonstration Videos With Music, approx. 4 hours total:

Table Fusion
Hot Stone Table Fusion
Deep Indian Fusion
Back Rub Fusion
Seated Back Fusion
Zen Shiatsu demonstration (face-down and face-up positions) (24 min)

The ‘No Music Versions’ of the Narrated Tutorials contribute approximately 9 hours to the 26 hours of total footage on this course.

Interactive Learning with Our Photo Notes:

Print out the photo notes, annotate and write down anything you wish to aid your learning and revision while you watch the tutorials.

3 eBooks:

Freelance Massage Success
This guide shows new or experienced massage therapists how to optimize their business strategies, particularly by analyzing the market for a particular niche, capitalizing on all available opportunities. Unlike many online marketing gurus, we do not make definite claims that we can’t back up, but we illustrate the analytical mindset and the focus on optimization that it takes to give your massage business the absolute best chance of success. This guide is only 47 pages; it is deliberately concise, because your time is a resource which should not be wasted.

Essential Aromatherapy
This aromatherapy book includes a quick-start guide on how to starting using essential oils quickly and effectively, as well as advice on 52 essential oils, enabling you to create your own blends and personalize them for your clients. Learn how to turn any massage into an aromatherapy massage, adding another dimension to the treatment experience.

Massage Professional
This is a companion book for the 15+ hours of videos. The first 10,000 words explore massage in general; topics such as the mind set and psychological approach to massage are explored, exploring topics such as Zen mindfulness and improvisation. We then give detailed written instructions for each massage tutorial, as well as brief tutorial notes for the purposes of convenient revision.

The ‘Massage Professional’ course has been designed for:

1) New massage careers – most therapists unfortunately fail to really get off the ground after training. ‘Massage Professional’ starts from the very basics but also provides a complete, comprehensive, high-end skill set that should give a new massage career with an advantageous kick-start. Please note that succeeding in any industry will, of course, always require dedication, and we always suggest that therapists get into this work for the love of these healing arts, and of people — not for the money!
2) Amateurs and Beginners:
This course is accessible for people who have no prior knowledge of massage and you can dip into it as you wish. If you wish to enrich your life with a professional touch, then this course is highly recommended.

3) Professionals who want to learn new styles of massage, expand their skill set, revise methods, and find inspiration for fusion massage should find this course very useful.

We listen to the thoughts and suggestions of our students and make updates to our course regularly.

We May Award Up to 11 CTAA-Accredited Insurable Certificates in the Following Types of Massage*:

Swedish Full-Body Massage
Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage
Hand & Foot Massage (basic)
Thai Yoga Massage
Rhythmic Thai Massage
Indian Head Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Chair Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Zen Shiatsu (Practical)
International Fusion Massage**

*These will be awarded after students have watched the relevant materials, have fully learned the health and safety guidelines for massage and completed 10 practice treatments for each individual massage (except only five each required for hand and foot massage).

Students must fill in and send us the completed treatment plans. Success in gaining a certificate is not guaranteed; we have a duty to protect the public against bad practice.

**Further requirements needed for obtaining this certificate.

Our certificates are insurable in the UK & EU but please check the law in your country for practicing professional massage. If you wish to practice professional massage via our certificates, it is very important to check that CTAA certificates are insurable in your country and to check the law in your country to see if online certificates are recognized.

Please note: certificates are not available during the 30-day trial period. Please message us with any questions.

This course is not suitable for those who simply want to rush learning massage. Although we provide a huge amount of content, we encourage our students to learn one style of massage at a time; approaching them all at once and expecting professional quality results overnight is both unrealistic and unsafe. As such, once again, if certification, and especially rapid certification, are important reasons for your purchase, message us with any queries before you buy and start practicing.

The Ebodhi Approach to Massage

We are perfectionists and consider massage 50% science and 50% art. We first teach a routine in each tradition, so that the style of massage is learned thoroughly and can be repeated with professional-quality results.

We then reject the boundaries between different traditions of massage, and demonstrate how anyone can blend the best of the traditions together, creating unique international fusion treatments.

The general public are very used to massage treatments that fit in a box, for example, a ’60-minute Swedish Massage’ or a ’30-minute Indian Head Massage’. These are the kinds of traditional, limited treatments that most spas and freelance therapists offer.

Unfortunately, most therapists and spas struggle to make much money from selling the same massages as everyone else. They often resort to cutting their prices, damaging their earning potential, as well as the customer’s perception of their service.

It is much more valuable to offer a completely different, unique, or even one-of-a-kind massage experience.

We, Bradley and Pete, the therapists behind Ebodhi, have built very successful freelance careers in extremely competitive markets (High Street Kensington, London and Bristol, UK), and we have been able to do this because we both learned many styles of massage, but also did not allow ourselves to become limited by any of them.

We embrace the artistic nature of massage and touch itself, and utilize the full breadth of our knowledge to perform fully personalized massages that transcend cultural boundaries. Each massage that we give is naturally unique; only Bradley massages like Bradley; only Pete massages like Pete.

We only rarely perform basic treatments such as ’60-minute Swedish massage’; we perform sophisticated treatments such as ‘Swedish-Thai fusion massage with hot stones and elements of Hawaiian’.

The contrast between providing an original experience, or that which is the same as provided by the competition, can often be the difference between a lucrative, fulfilling and long-term career, or a short-term, marketing-focused struggle, quickly abandoned out of necessity.

Even if you have no intentions of professional practice, learning to blend massage traditions creatively should expand your horizons, enabling you to explore the pleasurable art of touch, providing incredible satisfaction for not only your lucky receivers – but for you as well. The closest thing to receiving a professional Thai-fusion massage, for example, is definitely giving one!

The Ebodhi Approach to Teaching

We believe that learning through well-explained video tutorials and supporting materials are the best way to learn massage.

Traditional, real-life classes are expensive and inconvenient – the courses that we did were spread across the world! It is difficult for most of us to find the time and the money, while teachers are often inconsistent in quality. You are also forced to learn at a set time and at a set pace; it is easy for your notes to become disorganized, to feel self-conscious about asking questions, and to forget what you are told.

However, many online courses often leave something to be desired. The teachers often improvise their lessons, speaking off the top of their heads, filming in their own homes. Audiovisual quality is often amateur.

‘Massage Professional’ is different. It is the result of the combined skills and experience of our team – we are both massage teachers. The words have been written and edited by professional writers; the videos shot and edited by professional video producers.

We wanted our students to always see the best angle, to always hear the best explanation, while enjoying serene scenery and relaxing music. We devoted years of our lives (and our life-savings) to create the superlative massage-learning resource.

How is this Course Structured?

Dip into the video lessons and three eBooks as you wish. Learning freedom is yours: pick and choose what and when you want to to learn, according to your own interests and schedule.

Comprehensive guidance is provided through narrated tutorial videos which explain massage treatments (performed in real time) from start to finish. International scenery, professional voice-over, and a wide range of music help make the learning experience as pleasant as possible.

Additional non-narrated demonstration videos illustrate how fusion massages can be designed. These videos are here to give you ideas about how you can put your new techniques to use in a personalized way.

Please note that our approach to teaching Practical Zen Shiatsu is slightly different: for this unique discipline, we provide a 45-minute minute tutorial discussing theory and practice, and then a separate 24-minute non-narrated real-time demonstration.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn these massages at a high standard (particularly professionals and people who want to do massage professional).
  • Anyone with an interest in Fusion massage.
  • While this course provides 11 accredited certificates, please be aware of the relevant massage law in your own country.

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