Manufacturing Execution System (MES) – Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Overview
  • Capabilities of MES
  • Role played by each department within manufacturing plant for MES implementation
  • Typical project team structure
  • Common reasons for failure of MES implementation
  • Basic thumb rules for success function and use of MES (Post implementation)


  • No prerequisites


Manufacturing Execution System (MES) – Fundamentals

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is such a vast field that includes many complex concepts, software system functions, business topics, cultural change etc. – and on top of it – all closely interconnected to each other.

MES has been around since decades but it is still not well understood and widely used system. Although the trends in the past decade show that the awareness about its benefits, is increasing – although still not utilized to its full potential. There are many reasons why an MES implementation project has longer lead times. To start understanding those, one needs to start understanding the fundamentals of MES.

Sumit Patwardhan is an experienced professional in MES implementation projects with exposure to industries such as Consumer Packaged Goods, Automotive Components Manufacturing and Life Sciences for over 11 years. He has completed variety of projects in fast paced environments fulfilling challenging customer demands. This course includes all of his experiences and knowledge so that you can get all fundamental information at one place.

This course is intended for those who are new to the MES world or have a little background and would like to learn more. It covers all the fundamental information you need to know, before starting the MES implementation journey or choose the right career path or simply make an impact in those project discussions!

The course overview includes:

  • History and benefits of MES
  • Types of MES tools
  • Capabilities touched by MES at manufacturing operations level (referencing the MESA model)
  • Project stakeholders at Manufacturer’s side and their contribution to MES project
  • Project team structure catering based on the MES tool type
  • Common reasons for failure of MES implementation
  • Basic thumb rules for successful function and use of MES (post implementation)
  • and lots lots more!

By learning fundamentals, you’ll start understanding different aspects to consider which will help you to work effectively in your MES implementation project(s).

Who this course is for:

  • Novice: Anyone who wants to know about MES and has no background
  • Beginner: Anyone who has a little background of MES through professional experience or education/ training

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