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Link Power Budget Methods for Design of Optical Link

What you’ll learn

  • Determine the system components and their requirement for link design.
  • Examining the power budgets required for the link design.
  • Preparing the rise time budget for the link design.
  • Executing the BER calculations for the link.
  • Commenting on the amplifier used for long link communication.


  • Basics level knowledge of communication required


Link Power Budget Methods for Design of Optical Link

This course elaborate design of optical link for long distance communication. Point to point link consideration for design. Selection of proper optical source for longer distance communication through link. Selection of detector for link depends upon the choice of source and data rate transmission. Transmission distance requirement for long distance communication with optical link. Study the data rate requirement for link. Type of optical fiber used for long distance communication. Study the system requirements such as optical fiber,

source and detector for long distance communication. From the source point of view requirement is emission wavelength, spectral width and output power. Selection of source based on the data rate requirement and output power. The detector requirement based on the responsivity and its efficiency. From the system point of view the power requirement for long distance communication for this source and detector is to be selected. Understand the system loss components include loss at connector at source and detector and splice losses.

The rise time budget includes the system time for the successful transmission of data with proper BER. It elaborates the amplifier used for the optical link. There are various types of amplifier used at front end, in between link, before receiver and after receiver. The amplifier suitable for various application is explain in brief. Wideband optical amplifier is used for long distance communication.

Who this course is for:

  • Designer develop optical link with rise time budget and power budget for long distance communication.
  • Designer specify the use of amplifier for long distance link.

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