Level Up Your Fiction Writing (Writing Mastery)

What you’ll learn

  • Improve your fiction writing, reach the next level of creative writing and storytelling, and make dramatic progress towards your goals
  • Specific strategies, methods, and techniques you can start using today to improve your writing
  • Create protagonists who leap off the page and feel real
  • Convey vivid, immersive settings without a ton of “telling” or “info-dumping”
  • Build multiple layers of antagonists that constantly keep your protagonist on their toes (and your readers glued to the page!)
  • Craft action scenes that are clear, fast-paced, and get your reader’s heart pounding
  • Expertly weave in juxtaposition to create twists and turns that your readers won’t see coming (and can’t get enough of!)
  • Use chapter breaks strategically to have the most impact on your storytelling
  • Optimize paragraph breaks to create the perfect pacing for every page
  • 2 levels for each skill: “Foundational” lectures and “Level Up” lectures to ensure you improve


  • A notebook and pen/pencil or a computer/tablet for exercises


Level Up Your Fiction Writing (Writing Mastery). Do you want to see significant, noticeable improvement in your creative writing in only a few hours?

Do you want to know exactly what storytelling techniques and skills to practice to guarantee you’ll become a better writer?

So many writing courses promise to improve your writing, but provide no clear path on how to get there. You might spend hours, days, or even weeks learning, studying, and completing writing exercises but in the end, you’re still not confident that you’ve made any progress.

So if you’re ready to stop guessing how to improve your writing, and actually start improving it – fast – then this is the course for you!

In Level Up Your Fiction Writing, we’ve identified 7 key storytelling skills that will have the most direct, immediate, and noticeable impact on your fiction writing (protagonists, antagonists, settings, action scenes, juxtaposition, chapter breaks, and paragraph breaks).

These 7 skills will put you on the fast track toward substantial improvement of your creative writing skills that you will be able to see on the page and feel in the confidence of your words.

How can we be so sure you’ll improve?

Because we’ve jam-packed this course with actionable strategies and techniques, loads of examples from popular fiction, and tons of practical exercises that are all specifically designed to make you a better writer.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Create protagonists who leap off the page and feel real
  • Build multiple layers of antagonists that constantly keep your protagonist on their toes and your readers glued to the page!
  • Convey immersive settings without a ton of “telling” or “info-dumping”
  • Craft action scenes that are clear, fast-paced, and get your reader’s heart pounding (even if you’re not writing an action story)
  • Expertly weave in juxtaposition to create twists and turns that your reader won’t see coming (and can’t get enough of!)
  • Use chapter breaks strategically to have the most impact on your storytelling
  • Optimize paragraph breaks to create the perfect pacing for every page

Plus, for each of the 7 key storytelling skills, we’ve included two learning levels: The “Foundational” lectures will ensure you have a solid base to start from, and the “Level-Up” lectures will take your writing up a notch…or ten!

And to ensure you get the very most out of this course, we’ve also included:

  • Over 14 “Writer’s Room” sessions where you’ll see exactly how the instructor approached each exercise, so you’ll have solid examples of how to practice your new skills
  • 7 “Level Up Your Story” lectures to help you apply everything you’ve learned to your current work in progress, whether that be a novel, short story, or memoir
  • An 80+ page workbook (as both a printable PDF and an editable Google Doc) that includes all the exercises, examples, and additional resources you’ll need to level up

Best of all, this course is designed to be taken multiple times, so you can continue to level up and watch yourself progress. No matter what level you’re starting from, you’ll always be able to benefit from this course.

“The course clarified several writing concepts that I kind of knew, but had never had laid out. Outstanding!” – Pat D.

“Definitely helped me with the nitty gritty stuff no one has taught me before” – Isabel L.

“The level up exercises really helped me on two of my current works in progress.” – Andrew F.

Level Up Your Fiction Writing will help you hit the fast-forward button on your progress toward your goals, whether that be landing an agent, getting published, improving your reviews online, growing your readership, or simply taking your writing to the next level.

Why Learn from Us?

Scott Reintgen is a creative writing teacher and the bestselling author of more than 8 novels published by Simon & Schuster and Random House. His books have been translated and published in over 20 countries worldwide. But his success didn’t come overnight. He spent 5 years finding ways to “level up” his writing, to go from a struggling new writer to a seasoned professional. And now he’s taken the best that he’s learned and boiled it down into just a few hours, so you can level up your own writing in record time!

Jessica Brody is a bestselling author, top-rated Udemy instructor with over 55,000 students, and founder of Writing Mastery. She is the author of more than 20 novels plus Save the Cat! Writes a Novel, the #1 bestselling plotting guide for novelists, and the co-creator of Level Up Your Fiction Writing.

Writing Mastery only partners with the most qualified writing instructors to bring you high-quality courses you can trust.

In fact, we guarantee it with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee!

We are confident you’ll love this course. But if, for any reason you don’t, we’ll give you a full refund. So there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

Enroll now to start leveling up today!

Who this course is for:

  • Writers looking to improve their fiction writing
  • Writers looking to fast-track their progress toward their goals
  • Writers interested in learning more about character development
  • Writers interested in improving their settings
  • Writers interested in improving their action scenes
  • Writers interested in strategically using chapter and paragraph breaks

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