Learn Wordpress and become a ‘No Coding’ Web Designer

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Wordpress and become a ‘No Coding’ Web Designer
  • Learn to be a no-coding web designer using cutting edge (and free) tools
  • Understand the structure of the three most common types of business websites you’ll build for clients
  • Design and plan a website structure and framework
  • Create an online shop with multiple product categories, variable products and coupon codes
  • Create feature-rich web pages with embedded podcast streams and videos
  • Create a content marketing blog solution for any website
  • Learn to design and build three fantastic business websites, including an e-commerce website
  • Learn how to set up web hosting and install Wordpress
  • Explore and understand the basics of design and how to apply them to your websites
  • Understand branding and how it looks on a web page
  • Learn to use the Elementor page builder for Wordpress
  • Learn to find image resources for your designs and how to optimise them for websites


  • No previous web design or coding experience is necessary
  • No paid software is necessary
  • A laptop or desktop device that connects to the internet
  • Web hosting (monthly -no contract- option is available)


Learn Wordpress and become a ‘No Coding’ Web Designer These days you don’t need to learn to code to become a web designer and offer clients amazing, feature-rich websites with tons of functionality and even animations around the page.  Using the most common website system out there, Wordpress, alongside one of the most popular drag and drop, visual page builders (Elementor) you will become a powerful, capable and highly competent web designer.

In this course, I will take you from start to finish on a journey that will transform you from a complete beginner to someone who can create the three most common types of business website.  You will understand all the essentials you need to know in order to start building your experience and, more importantly, your portfolio. 

From essential knowledge about how a website works to design fundamentals, such as visual hierarchy and typography, I offer only essential and practical knowledge that you can put to use straight away.  The course is not bumped up with tons of theory, but is -instead- a true ‘learn by doing’ experience as you follow along with the project.

Web design is a thriving and living industry, ever evolving and always pushing forwards.  It’s a portfolio based career, meaning that the most important part of becoming a web designer is actually getting started on projects and producing them, initially, by trial and error, happy accidents and awesome learning experiences. 

Join the course today and journey towards the fulfilment of your potential as a ‘no coding’ web designer.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner web designers wanting to learn the practical basics
  • Designers curious about web design
  • Start Up Entrepreneurs

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