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Learn Mandarin Chinese Through Interesting Stories -HSK2

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to read and simple stories /books in Chinese.
  • Understand important grammar and know how to construct most sentences.
  • You’ll be able to talk about common things in your daily life.
  • Speak Chinese at a basic level.


  • Have studied our hsk1 course in its entirety or have previously studied Chinese and want to express themselves more fluently.


Learn Mandarin Chinese Through Interesting Stories -HSK2. Are you ready to master the Mandarin Chinese ? Are you tired of learning the same simple topics and never really getting better at Mandarin Chinese speaking or grammar? This course will fix all those problems.

As a lover of foreign languages, I find that no matter how great your enthusiasm is, it will be wiped out by the boring learning process. Is there an easy way to learn? Of course there are! My students love them so much!So I made them into a class today to share with you all ! We need someone who is not only able to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese,but also share language learning tips with you! I will use my own unique way to guide you to learn Chinese easily!

In our course, we will hear interesting stories, learn grammar and vocabulary in the process of listening to the stories. Chinese characters are broad and profound, contain rich connotations. But if you are used to letters, do you find Chinese characters complicated? Don’t worry, let me show you Chinese characters in the form of painting!

After the lesson, we have audio to practice listening, and you can also practice pronunciation and speaking with it!

After listening to the story do a post-lesson quiz to test the learning results, if you have questions you can also find the analysis in answers!

In this course you are going to:

  • Understand the basics of Chinese language.
  • Build senteces by your own.
  • Learn most common words and phrases for everyday life.
  • Read and write basic characters.
  • After each lesson fix your knowledge with prepared audio & quiz.
  • Spend your learning time with joy.

After each lesson you will find practice materials to review the knowledge of the lesson:

  • Audio
  • Draw the Chinese Characters
  • Quiz
    Story time! : )

Who this course is for:

  • For those who want to improve their Chinese expression and like to listen to stories.

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