Learn How to Code With Football

What you’ll learn

  • Foundational Programming Knowledge & Skills
  • PowerShell Scripting
  • Manipulating Data From API Calls
  • Building Graphic Apps with Windows Forms


  • No programming experience needed.


Learning how to code can be more fun than you think! Dive in with Coach Jim Tyler to learn how to use PowerShell with fantasy football data to make cool apps.

Once we get past fundamental coding concepts such as variables, objects, arrays, conditionals, and loops, we’ll dive into how to use fantasy data APIs and Windows Forms to make graphical applications.

We will also use development software including PowerShell ISE, Visual Studio Code, and PowerShell Pro Tools from IronMan Software to develop our applications and scripts, laying the perfect foundation for becoming a system administrator or software developer.

PowerShell is an ideal programming language & console to begin learning fundamental concepts on because it’s included for free on Windows. Coach Jim went to great lengths to ensure this whole course could be completed without purchasing any additional software or services. PowerShell and PowerShell ISE are included on any Windows system by default. Visual Studio Code is available for free from Microsoft. FantasyData’s API is available for no cost in developer mode. Lastly, PowerShell ProTools has a free trial that allows users to develop graphical PowerShell applications.

Lastly, Coach Jim provides numerous code examples available for download and that are included on the platform here on Udemy. These code examples allow learners to troubleshoot their code as they are working their way through the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner programmers curious about programming and football.
  • IT Technicians & System Administrators wanting to learn more about PowerShell
  • Learn How to Code With Football

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