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Learn Bioinformatics From Scratch (Theory & Practical)

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn Basic Theory & Practical demonstration of Bioinformatics tools
  • You will learn how to explore databases, and align sequences (Pairwise and Multiple Sequences)
  • You will learn theory and practical to predict Genes and their regulatory elements
  • You will have good understanding about homology modeling for 3D structure prediction (Theory & Practical)
  • You will learn 3D structure Prediction using Threading Algorithm (Theory & Practical)
  • Secondary Structure Prediction of Globular and Transmembrane proteins (Theory & Practical)
  • Receptor-Ligand Docking and Analysis of Docking Data (Practical)
  • Phylogenetic tree (Theory)
  • Construction of Phylogenetic tree in (Practical)
  • This basic Bioinformatics course will laydown very strong foundation for their future learning.
  • We claim that so far there is not any comprehensive course like this on Udemy.


  • In online teaching, it’s always hard to engage the students. Therefore we have designed this course keeping the psychology of students in view. Usually, students start to lose their interest when they are stuck in a complex concept that’s why We tried to move from simple to complex easily and understandably.
  • You need to know about the very basics of Biological macro-molecules. Do not worry if you do not know the details. For instance, if you just heard the name of DNA, RNA and Proteins and have a basic idea about their roles in life then it’s enough for you (School Level Information). You are welcome to this course. In every module of this course, we will take start from very scratch. We will assume that you know nothing about DNA, RNA, and Proteins except their names. We hope this technique will make it easy for you to understand the hardcore concepts of bioinformatics in a better way.
  • This is no coding in this course. Most of tools which we will use that’s available online


Learn Bioinformatics From Scratch (Theory & Practical). This Bioinformatics course is going to game changer for you. Currently, there is an explosion of biological data. You need to develop your skills to handle the data in the era of this big biological data. It is humanly impossible to tackle the high biological data using conventional techniques. Here comes Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is at the intersection of biology and computer science. Without this basic skill, you may not stand anywhere in research, academia and industry in the coming five to ten years. Keeping this need of time in view, we brought here a basic bioinformatics course for you.

This course includes five modules

(1) Databases

(2) Alignment

(3) Genomic Bioinformatics

(4) Structural Bioinformatics

(5) Evolutionary Bioinformatics 

This course is a unique blend of theory and practical. You will learn basic theory then perform practical and afterwards attempt the quizzes to check your knowledge. There is a total of 93 Lectures among them, there are 19 practical tutorials. Furthermore, there are 12 Assignments and 5 quizzes in this course along with theory lectures. We assure you that after taking this course, your perspective will be very different for biological data.  Students will learn the basics of bioinformatics, starting from biological databases to protein-ligand docking.

We hope this course will be worth your money and time.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners from Biological sciences
  • Data Science beginners who are interested in biological data

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