Learn Basic to Advance JIRA for Testers/QA/Test Manager-2022

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what JIRA is, benefits of JIRA and how to use JIRA from Tester/Developer & Manager point of View
  • Learn how to do Bug Tracking and Project Management in Agile way
  • Understand Scrum – How to implement End to End Project for Agile Scrum Model
  • Use JIRA as a user working within an agile team – creating, working on and searching for issues, customizing dashboards etc.
  • Administer all aspects of JIRA – create users, groups, set permissions, configure issue types, screens, fields, workflows etc.
  • Ready to face Jira related Test Management, Scrum Master interviews


  • Basic understanding of Requirement Documents, How to read and understand requirements
  • Basic understanding of Bugs/TestCases/Task and User Stories
  • Basic understanding of Software Testing Concepts
  • Basic understanding of Bug Formatting and Reporting
  • Hands on Experience of Software Testing Activities


Learn Basic to Advance JIRA for Testers/QA/Test Manager-2022

➖➖➖➖ Course Updates ➖➖➖➖   

  • Sep 2022  :   Added Videos for Project Management (Sprint, Backlog, Epic, Version etc)
  • Sep 2021  :  Updated Bug Tracking videos, Added Bug Searching
  • Jul   2021  :  Added & updated  sound and video quality
  • Mar 2021  :  Added End to End Workflows

Are you Beginner or New  to JIRA?

Are you working in Software Testing or Development or Manager and not aware how to use JIRA effectively?

Do you want to keep yourself competitive in the IT market by leveling up your JIRA skills?

–Then this course is for you.–


JIRA is the most popular Bug tracking, issue tracking, and Project management tool.

The basic use of this tool is to track issues, and bugs related to your application. It is also used for project management.

The JIRA dashboard consists of many useful functions and features which make handling of issues easy.

What will you get in this Course.

  • End to End Setup of Trial Account for Practice
  • Report Bugs
  • End to End Bug Flows in case of Valid Defect
  • End to End Bug Flows in case of Invalid Defect
  • Issue Types
  • Task Management  and Task Process

For Project Manager/Scrum Master/Team Lead

  • Create Project – Setup Project type and Workflow
  • Agile Project
  • Create Version/Release
  • Define Epics
  • Write User Stories
  • Define Sprints
  • Add User Stories to Sprint
  • Create Task for Sprint
  • Jira ticket
  • Jira download & Cloud Setup of Jira software
  • Jira project management
    Other Topics
  • Create User
  • Add User to Project

Who this course is for:

  • Freshers looking opportunity in Software Testing
  • Manual Testing looking to start work in Test Management
  • Developer/Leads want to learn JIRA for using it in Daily Testing Activities
  • Managers, looking to start JIRA or Implement JIRA in Agile Project

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