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What you’ll learn

  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • We will guide you through safe and playful poses that will help you laugh with a buddy, feel strong, stretched and connected when you leave.
  • Creative ways to get in and out of beautiful AcroYoga poses.
  • Transitions between poses put together to create a flow


  • Optional to have a movement practice like yoga or a safe level of fitness using body weight exercises


Learn Acro Yoga. Grab a friend or two and follow Debbie and Sariah as they introduce you to their favorite AcroYoga poses in a safe and playful practice.  Through this course we will provide you foundational AcroYoga poses.  Each video clearly demonstrates safe ways to get in and out of the pose, along with variations to make this practice unique to you.   Sariah and Debbie provide detailed instruction along with helpful tips to link poses together.  They will cover “pit falls” and ways to correct.  In the series we will build on specific poses giving you options to create your very own Acroyoga flow.  Throughout this course you will build an understanding of how to work together as a partnership to play in this wonderful world of AcroYoga. 

Debbie and Sariah are both certified Acrobatic coaches and teachers of movement and play! Debbie has been sharing gymnastics and acrobatics since she was a kid and Sariah found Acro after many years as a fitness coach and Yogi.  Both are lead teachers for AcroLove, a teacher training certification course and are featured at festivals around the world.

Debbie and Sariah’s friendship and playful spirit shines through in their teaching making each class a welcoming and accessible experience for all levels and all bodies.   Debbie and Sariah believe Acro is for everyone!  The intention behind this series of videos is to share AcroYoga with the world through a mobil, all levels platform.  Whether you have access to classes or a local teacher, they hope this helps bring joy and laughter to your home, gym, park or wherever you find yourself with friends.  They encourage you to look for a local community or create your own so you have many new friends to play with!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone looking for a fun new way to connect, through fitness and play.
  • Great for beginners looking for detailed instruction to get you basing and flying right away!
  • Lovers of Movement, body weight exercises, calisthenics, animal flow, functional range patterns and playful fitness..

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