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What you’ll learn

  • Upgrade your live streams from your phone to something more professional!
  • Launch your own live show for your podcast, business or passion project.
  • Learn the right gear for your budget; Best cameras, mics, and more!
  • Find the right streaming platform for your show goals.
  • Learn how to plan your shows for the most engagement and repurpose the content for your social channels


  • No experience necessary!
  • A Computer
  • Internet Access


Launch Your Live Show Launch a live show for your business, podcast or passion project. Discover the tools you need to feel confident about live streaming. We’ll go deep on equipment, software options, show planning, and how to leverage your content after your live stream. After this course you will be able to produce a show format that makes engaging content easy to produce regularly.

A few of the topics I’ll cover…

  • A simple way to improve your camera quality.
  • My go-to process for planning an engaging & interactive live stream that also creates content for republishing.
  • My favorite method for creating professional looking content with branding.
  • How to maximize the reach of your content during AND after your live show
  • The biggest mistakes that can sabotage your show and your confidence
  • My favorite method for screen-sharing that isn’t boring!
  • And of course your there’ll be time to answer your burning questions!
  • Extra: A list of my favorite streaming gear (The essentials and the fun stuff ?)
  • Extra: A template to help you plan each show in advance.

What you’ll learn in this class:

PART 1: Equipment
We’ll discuss the crucial equipment you need to begin live streaming and we’ll talk about some additional equipment that makes the task even easier.

PART 2: Streaming Tools
There are so many platforms and Streaming tools available. Where do you start? What are the pros of cons of each? We’ll look at several free and budget-friendly options for producing live content.

PART 3: Layouts and Branding
We’ll learn all about maintaining your company brand during a live stream. We’ll cover how to add graphic overlays and use different layouts to keep your live show moving forward.

PART 4: Show Planning
In this section we’ll move beyond the technical parts and get to the heart of producing an engaging and well-paced show. We’ll talk about show structure, increasing engagement, and methods for creating episodic content.

PART 5: After the Show
We’ll focus on what you should do after the live stream has ended. We’ll cover how to create ‘show notes’, how to maintain audience connections, and how to leverage your post-live content.

PART 6: Extra Tips and My Favorite Things
I’ll share tips and shortcuts that I’ve used regularly as a live producer over the past decade. Some will save you time, some will increase your production value, and some will make things run smoother.

Who this course is for:

  • Small businesses, Podcasters, Content Creators or Social Media Managers, looking to improve their community engagement with live content.

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