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Landslide Risk Analysis with ArcGIS (AHP)/Complete Task

What you’ll learn

  • Multi Criteria Decision Analyse
  • ArcGIS Basic and complex Functions
  • ArcGIS Spatial Analysis Methods
  • How to use Geoprocessing Tools
  • Project GIS Datas
  • How to manage Landslide Risk Analyse Criterias
  • Raster-Vector Conversions (Batch function)
  • Vector-Raster Conversions/Dissolve Function
  • Weighted Overlay Analyses
  • Buffer Analysis
  • Hydrology Analysis
  • Cartographic Design
  • Identify Landslide Risk Zones
  • Learn How to make surface analysis
  • Watershed Analysis From the zero
  • Area calculation from the pixels
  • Raster Reclassification
  • Working with Rainfall Datas
  • Raster Processings (Mosaic,Clip Digital Elevation Map)
  • Working with CDF file and data Extraction, Map Generation, Calculation
  • Remote Sensing Tecniques (Main)
  • Interpolation Tech
  • More and More…


  • Main Computer Knowledge
  • Main GIS Knowledge
  • ArcGIS 10.X
  • Desire and attention


Landslide Risk Analysis with ArcGIS (AHP)/Complete Task. I will teach  you how to detect Potential Landslide Risk Areas for ANY STUDY AREA in the world.

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Im sharing AHP Excel Sheet with you! By the way , you can also be able to do different risk analyses for ANY of Study Area.

The weights and effects of 10 different layers were calculated for the landslide risk analysis with the AHP multiple decision making method. The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in risk analysis studies is increasing day by day.

In the course I prepared for Landslide Risk Analysis with ArcGIS, I will show you how to determine from scratch in detail the Landslide Risk Analysis with AHP in a place of India, with a high probability of Landslide Risk disaster using the “Multiple Decision Criteria” method.

Throughout the course, you will be actively introduced to ArcGIS Basic commands and how to use complex spatial analysis techniques in the following sections.

* Thematic Map layer creation,

*Raster operations (cutting, merging, DEM data according to the border),

*Classification of raster data (Reclassify)

*Defining a common projection system for Map Layers,

*Dissolve process (Integration by Grid Code)

*Conversion from raster to vector/vector to raster (Conversion automaticly/not MANUALY)

*Using Batch command for dissolve/conversion proccess

*Interpolation method,

*Geoprocessing operations, raster analysis,

* Exporting vector and raster data in the desired coordinate system,

* Modeling the analyzes that we will make using Model Builder,

*AHP method

*Weighted Overlay Analyze

*Area calculation of criteria *

*More processes such as Cartographic Design and printing will be explained to you in detail.

Unlike other courses, you will learn to prepare using the AHP  by using AHP excel sheet in order to calculate the weights of the basic criteria we will use for the analysis (finding the effect of the criteria on the analysis), and you will be able to print your standart maps with quality cartographic designs.

Who this course is for:

  • Cartographers
  • Urban Planners
  • Geomatics Engineers
  • Geology Engineers
  • Water Management and Engineers
  • Hydraulic Engineers
  • GIS Experts

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