KDB+/q Building a Vanilla TickerPlant

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the basic design of a KDB+ vanilla tickerplant
  • Understand and implement open source content such as tick.q, u.q and others
  • Create custom processes including complex event processors and processes to handle End Of Day
  • Develop skills around database maintenance and modification


  • A basic understanding of the q language


KDB+/q Building a Vanilla TickerPlant. This code-along course is designed for KDB developers who have at least a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts of coding in q and are looking to expand their knowledge around the design and implementation of vanilla tickerplants. Since tickerplants are at the core of developing in KDB+/q, a complete understanding of the vanilla model is an essentially tool for developers in this field.

We will start by going through the open-source content available on github to ensure a greater understanding of the design of the basic vanilla tick model. From there, we will be building on top of that logic to create some custom features for our own tickerplant. Throughout the course we will be exploring topics including logic around custom real time subscribers – primarily leveraging the update logic to handle performing certain specific tasks, end-of-day logic for kdb databases, user APIs to extract data safely, and database modification.

By the end of the course, viewers will be much more confident on the functions inside vanilla tick and will have successfully created their own running tickerplant. We will also be discussing some broader themes around tickerplant design which can hopefully inspire some ideas which you can use to improve your own tickerplants.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is aimed at people with a basic understanding of kdb+/q who are looking to create a vanilla tickerplant. This course reviews the open-source content and acts as a step-by-step guide for people looking to use it as a basis to create a tickerplant tailored to their needs.

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