Jewelry Design With Procreate

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to navigate Procreate.
  • You will learn about the when and the why, not just how to use the various features of Procreate
  • Preparation before starting to draw. Example: Building different gemstone cuts template.
  • Learn how light effect gemstones.
  • Learn techniques on how to render jewelry professionally.
  • Learn how to draw every kind of beautiful brilliant cut diamonds and colored gemstones.
  • Learn different ways of picking colors for gemstones.
  • Learn how to build diamonds and colored gemstones template for future use without drawing them all over again.
  • You will have practical exercises to practice your knowledge.


  • iPad (iPad air, iPad Pro or a recent iPad Mini)
  • Apple Pencil (A stylus pen with pressure sensitivity is crucial)
  • The Procreate app from the App Store.
  • No prior experience necessary, it’s beginner and intermediate friendly.


Jewelry Design With Procreate

Creativity is not enough to show your customers how remarkable your designs are. Knowledge and rendering skills are also important to demonstrate your ideas in a more vivid way. I designed these training courses for people with or without related background to learn and sharpen their skills for jewelry design and rendering.

Jewelry Design with Procreate is the first series of courses that I am offering. Procreate has significantly affected the way people draw and sketch. It is an incredible tool and I’ll show you how to use its powerful functionalities to easily create and design your own jewelry.

Here is what we will be learning in this course:

  • We will introduce tools in Procreate
  • We will be learning shortcuts and options associated with tools
  • After going through tools, we will start with practical practice to get familiar with how to use them
  • Since we are drawing digitally, I will introduce how to get faceted gemstone outlines done in a more efficient way
  • And how to export your own template for future use
  • We will also explain the theory of how light affect gemstones before drawing
  • Create you own brush category for this course
  • Demonstrate a few ways to pick colors for gemstones and build your color palettes
  • Learn how to draw beautiful brilliant cut diamonds and colored gemstones
  • In final project, we will put everything we learn in previous classes to finish a colored gemstone ring

The skills learned in this course can be flexibly converted and applied to drawing boards, desktop computers, tablets, or different drawing software like Photoshop, Painter etc…

Who this course is for:

  • People who are interested in jewelry design or jewelry rendering.
  • People who wants to do jewelry design with a more efficient and easier way.
  • Jewelry designers

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