JavaScript understanding fundamentals and Job preparation

What you’ll learn

  • Learn JavaScript from a career perspective.
  • Understand fundamentals of JavaScript starting from basic level to advanced level along with live coding, PPT, and downloadable resources.
  • Grasp the core theoretical, practical and conceptual aspects of JavaScript needed to start a career as a web developer in JavaScript.
  • Get familiar with JavaScript questions and topics that are asked in real interviews and focus on them to stay prepared for interviews.
  • Practise well designed practise test in the course that includes interview questions asked in many leading companies.


  • Beginner level familiarises with JavaScript.
  • A lot of excitement and patience to cover each lecture and went through each resource in the course to get interview prepared in JavaScript.


JavaScript has become integral to the Internet experience as it is used extensively in website development today and it is so popular that it’s the most used programming language in the world, used as a client-side programming language by 97.0% of all websites and as per the survey, it is one of the top programming languages that is used widely in the tech industry and it is evolving rapidly.

Being a web developer or planning for a career in web development it is really important to master JavaScript but the problem is that a beginner who has just started learning it or is already learning for some time does not know when he/she can call himself/herself ready for job interviews or build the confidence that he/she knows enough of JavaScript to be a real-world web developer. So, here in this course, our target is not to teach you how to code in JavaScript but to walk you through all the core concepts of JavaScript to boost your confidence level and prepare you for your career.

In this course, our primary focus would be on understanding all core concepts and visiting each aspect of JavaScript to have enough understanding to call ourselves real-world JavaScript developers.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to polish/strengthen their JavaScript concepts.
  • Beginners preparing for job interview.
  • Beginners wanted to understand enough of JavaScript to understand it’s core concepts.

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