JavaScript: Understanding ES6 and Beyond

What you’ll learn

  • let and const
  • Template Literals
  • Classes
  • Arrow Functions
  • Symbols
  • and more ES6 and beyond features


  • A good understanding of execution contexts, closures, objects, and first-class functions


JavaScript is the language of the internet. Learning it has allowed many front and backend web developers to get jobs. Yet JavaScript’s newest features can be confusing and hard to understand.

In this course you will learn to deeply understand how newer JavaScript language features work under-the-hood, such as:

  • Block Scoping (let and const)
  • Templates
  • Classes
  • Arrow Functions
  • Symbols

ES6 and beyond refers to features added to the JavaScript language in ES6 and ES Next. These features often will make your coding life easier, and are used by modern JavaScript frameworks, like React, Vue, Angular, and more.

As always, these topics will be covered with the focus on my core philosophy: “Don’t Imitate, Understand”. You won’t try to learn by imitating the code I’m writing, but rather by deeply understanding how these language features work inside JavaScript engines. Deeply understanding means you will not only write better code, but also find it much easier to debug problems.

This course’s goal, then, is to help you have a deep understanding of JavaScript’s newest features. Through analysis of the inner working of the JavaScript engine, you can write code more confidentially and fix problems others find difficult.

It’s time for you to deeply understand ES6 and beyond!

Happy coding!

– Tony Alicea

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate developers continuing their JavaScript education

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