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Integrative Mastery Programs Free

What you’ll learn

  • Integrative Mastery Programs Free
  • Discover what your Personal Life Vision is and use it to create a Life by Design©
  • Maximize your professional skills and become irreplaceable by learning the Primary Tools of the Masterful Coach’s Toolkit©
  • Master our model for relating to life and business and enjoy more fulfilling and impactful experiences
  • Elevate yourself to The 4th Level of Identity© by growing your consciousness, and therefore your power, beyond your peers
  • Perform a current reality analysis to hone your strengths and improve weaknesses
  • Use The Echo of Empowerment tool©, a proven system for executing your goals, and watch your project’s completion rate skyrocket
  • Gain greater personal and professional relationships through deeper and more authentic connections
  • Learn how to leverage creative tension to become proactive in manifesting the futures you want


  • You must approach this information, use of these tools, and implementation of these systems with an open mind and an open heart. Empty your cup so we can fill it up anew.
  • You must be willing and able to complete this program with total honesty or your results will suffer.


Integrative Mastery Programs Personal mastery training designed to make a noticeable difference for your life in real time. IMP clients include Hollywood Actors, Professional Athletes, Elite Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Folks from nearly every walk of life imaginable. There have been thousands of individuals who have used this program to elevate their businesses, and their lives to an elite level by having the courage to want more out of themselves. IMP has done over 23,000 hours of mastery coaching in the last 20 years that has kept it in the top 3% of business and life coaching services in the world!

IMP’s Programs are comprehensively guided mastery training courses composed of proven leadership & management tools, actionable systems, projects, directives, wisdoms, and, inspirational materials designed to give you the tools necessary to make foundational changes to any area of your life. Compiled in a concise process, Integrative Mastery Programs aim to give you the ability to make foundational changes to any area of your life. Make innovative discoveries about who you really are, what you really want, and then, how you can be your most effective, inspired, & conscious self getting there.


Learn your secret Purpose in Life,

Discover the Path you need to follow in order to fulfill that Purpose,

Utilize our Process for successfully taking your journey.

Significance always leads to Success

  • Improve your capacity, gain new perspectives, & cultivate powerful relationships to create exact, quantifiable results in specific areas of life.
  • Discover what it is you’re really after, and then, develop your game plan for achieving it through proven systems of action and accountability.
  • A Program Designed for You
  • Customized to any area of life
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Accessible forever
  • Step by step video instructions
  • Complete set of articles and tools

Who this course is for:

  • This program was designed and developed for Business Owners and High-Level Executives, but, is now available to anyone willing to learn and work for a better future.
  • This program is truly created for anyone who wants to transform their current relationship with life and create futures that are unlimited by their pasts.

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