HTML 5 + CSS3 For Teachers and Parents

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Introductory HTML5 + CSS3
  • Use VSCode to write HTML5+CSS3 code
  • This course structure is designed for beginners and learning curve is made very simple
  • Simple Web Page creation


  • Nothing, Students will learn everything when they follow along the course


HTML 5 + CSS3 For Teachers and Parents. This course aims to teach HTML5+CSS3 to middle schoolers i.e. students studying from grade 6 to grade 8, so gear up Parents and Teachers who wish to teach their wards and students the magical course of HTML.

The course structure is so simple, that a parent teaching his kid or a teacher teaching student will find it simple to explain the concepts to students.

Teachers or parents can begin the introduction with :

When you visit any WebSite and read information, ever wonder, how this information, how these images or matter is pasted on the Web? If this question arises, then this course befits you, it will solve your queries in simple ways. It will teach you to put matter which can be viewed in Browser.

Students use Widgets a lot many times, this course will teach you how to create one? In short, this course will teach you coding in a simpler manner which you will enjoy.

This course aims at those parents and teachers, who  do not have time to scroll Internet then grasp the concepts and then teach their kids. Because parents and teachers are capable of the basics, so they will find it simple to teach the kids.

what Learners should expect and get from this course:

  • This course teaches basics so as to make you confident of use of tags and properties of HTML and CSS.
  • You will not be able to create professional-looking pages, but you will get ideas about what things are required to make one.

Learners should have the following skills before starting to learn HTML:

  • Experience using a web browser and clicking on links
  • Good reading skills
  • Able to use a mouse (or trackpad) and keyboard
  • Able to copy and paste
  • Coding is taught using VSCode editor, so if kids are not good at typing, still use of this editor makes the things simple.
  • If they are going to be publishing content online then they also need to understand how to be a good web citizen and be capable of understanding rules for using images and other content that has been created by others.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • Parents interested to teach their wards
  • Teachers interested to teach their students

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