What you’ll learn

  • How to write proposal on Upwork
  • How to create a portfolio of services and use it in your freelance proposal
  • How and where to start freelancing
  • How to get online jobs on freelance platforms or independently (cold calling).
  • What are the best freelance websites with special focus on Upwork, the currently leading remote work marketplace..
  • How to organize your work-from-home business routine.
  • Tips & Tricks & Practices known only to veteran top-rated professionals


  • Anyone can enroll and become a professional freelancer.
  • No previous knowledge and/or experience is required.


HOW TO WRITE A PROPOSAL ON UPWORK. Coming from a top-rated freelance veteran who is in the business since 2004, this comprehensive tutorial on how to write proposal on Upwork reveals the true step-by-step process employed by the Top 1% of Freelancers.

We are using a winning freelance proposal example to break it down for you. In other words, you will see and learn the entire process – from choosing a job from Upwork’s list of jobs to the actual writing of a winning freelance proposal.

Additionally, you are getting a freelance proposal template that wins 3 out of 4 high-paying jobs in its raw unedited form on Upwork and any other bidding-type freelance platform. And as a bonus, you are entitled to lifetime access to the Collection of Winning Freelance Proposals on Upwork which is constantly updated. 

However, to get online jobs, every freelancer needs a quality PORTFOLIO. To use it as a powerful weapon that keeps stacking new contracts, you need to learn how to best use it in your proposals. 

In practice, a freelancer has only one method to prove expertise and, subsequently, attract an immediate client’s interest and that’s a sample(s) of the past work. The question is, what do you do if you haven’t done any work thus far? As you will learn, there is a simple way around it.

In the next module, we are getting deeply acquainted with Upwork, the world’s best-performing freelance platform, its inner workings, best practices, and common myths. You are also following a successful step-by-step registration process of a previously rejected application. It’s a freelancer that is now making six figures a year and dubbed by Upwork as a Top Rated Plus freelancer.

If you are new to freelancing, in the next few modules, this course is showing you HOW and WHERE to start after creating a professional PROFILE. You can have impeccable skills and raw passion, but if you don’t know how and where to get your first and every other job, it’s all in vain. There are only two possible ways to ensure a steady influx of work and we are explaining both in detail while pointing to the most optimal choice.

Still, even when we land a job and start working, life sometimes gets in the way. Missing a deadline from time to time, this deadly sin of remote working is unavoidable. If not handled skillfully, a late delivery can result in a bad review and seriously damage your reputation. In a special lesson, you will see real communication that prevented something like that from happening even though the deadline was seriously breached – a few times!

But none of that would be possible if the work-from-home routine hadn’t been optimally organized. As you will learn, there is a profound difference between a traditional office and your home office. Working from home is a whole different game and if you fail to set it up correctly right from the start, you are risking everything. If nothing else, your income will be seriously reduced. Follow the advice, choose the setting that best fits you, and create without distractions.

And to avoid all those hidden traps and obstacles, there is a bonus lesson with tips, hints, practices, and tricks known only to veteran freelancers. Consider it as a shortcut that will save you a lot of time, money, and nerves in your future career. For example, you will learn the best way to handle cross-border and even cross-continent payments without incurring costly fees and without appearing amateurish; how to spot a leecher and fake job just by reading job details, or how to identify a potential high-ticket client and ensure long-term collaboration. 

Learning from experience means avoiding hitting an often invisible wall because there are things right now that you simply do not know. It’s those unknown unknowns you can’t prepare for.

18 years in the international freelance market as both freelancer and client is turning every unknown into known. And those 18 years are summed up in this unique freelance course.

Therefore, upon finishing this course, you will be perfectly able to get up when you want, start working when it “clicks,” take a break when you feel like it, and work from any place on this planet you prefer while earning as much as you want.

Now, let’s power up your pajamas!


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to work from home and build a profitable online business.
  • Novice freelancers looking to kick-start their careers.
  • Existing freelancers caught in limbo.

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