How to use photo references for your storyboards

What you’ll learn

  • How to use photo references to draw and color a drawing
  • The tips and tricks a professional storyboard artist use to deliver faster quality content
  • How to interpret and modify photos to fit your compositions
  • How to use photoshop effects to get beautiful final illustrations
  • How to choose interesting photos references


  • Some basic knowledge of the software photoshop
  • Some basic to intermediate drawing skills
  • Some anatomy knowledge
  • Some color basic theory knowledge


I first got the idea to create this course, after someone posted a question about their drawing on a Facebook group I follow, dedicated to storyboard artists (Frame Dump). I immediately understood that their drawing lacked realism, didn’t look professional, because they didn’t use any photos references to create it. It was painfully obvious to a trained eye. That’s why I realized it would be so valuable to create a course, showing how a professional artist uses photos to draw and color faster, better, and in a more realist way.

There are so many courses here and elsewhere, teaching people how to draw or color. But I realized nobody really explained, in a precise and coherent manner, the little tips and tricks that professional artists use to deliver quality content, in a timely manner. I think this course will help intermediate artists work more efficiently. And then be profitable on the market.

This course will not teach you anatomy, or how to draw. It will not teach you the fundamentals of photoshop. But if you already have the basics of those skills, it will show you how professional work is really done. It will give you all the tips and tricks to draw more efficiently. If you are a complete beginner, it can still be useful, to give you a few indications of what to do later on, to work in this beautiful field.

Looking forward to seeing you inside 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • “Intermediate” artists, who already have some basic drawing skills, but whose drawings lack realism.
  • Any artist who wants to draw faster, in a professional mindset
  • Or to anyone who wants to know more about professional artists tips and tricks

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