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How to get the full UK state pension as an expat

What you’ll learn

  • Figure out which is the most economical (lowest) class of NI to pay to get the full UK pension
  • Calculate how many years you should backdate and pay in total… in order to get the full pension for the most economical price
  • Learn how to repay missing years
  • Understand how the UK state pension works
  • Discover the different classes of National Insurance


  • None. Other than being a UK citizen


How to get the full UK state pension as an expat. This course is designed for British ex-pats who want to get the UK state pension. It can also be used for folks who have worked in the UK freelance or self-employed… who have missing NI years and want to make sure that they get the full state pension.

What it covers:

  • Eligibility for UK state pension
  • Age you can receive UK state pension
  • Benefits of the UK state pension
  • Which contributions to make (classes)?
  • How to see your current contributions
  • Why it is (almost) always worth it
  • How to backdate missing years
  • Costs (and benefits)

It also covers much, much more.

Additionally, if there is anything that is not covered in this course that you think should be, please get in touch. I’d be more than happy to add to this course.  The purpose of this course is to help other fellow expats get their UK state pensions.

Why should you take this course?

For over a decade, I’ve been living overseas. However, being financially prudent, I’ve also been researching the best ways to enable me to retire early. Of course, with the UK state pension, it can’t be received until a person turns 68. However, securing it (which this course will show you how to do) helps provide a security net for your later years. In other words, if some of your other investments do fail, you’ll still have your UK state pension to fall back on!

This is the first course of a number of financial prudence courses. Hopefully, you can join me in future courses also.   

Who this course is for:

  • Any individual who has missing NI years that wants to benefit from receiving the full UK state pension
  • Ideal for expats

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