How to Furnish An Airbnb | Making the House a Home

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn what to purchase for a short-term rental; everything from a sofa to q-tips.
  • Estimate costs of furnishing a home.
  • Learn how to be more sustainable with your guest consumables.
  • Optimize personal and guest safety.


  • This mini course is for all levels!


How to Furnish An Airbnb | Making the House a Home. Elizabeth Maora, LLC. offers a wide range of real estate and property management services to renters, homeowners, investors, real estate professionals, and property management agencies. We host travelers from all over the world. We manage real estate projects for owners and investors from across the country. We perform daily for vacation rental agencies in the surrounding areas of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Over the past several years, we have curated a proprietary furnishing pricing and quote sheet that we use exclusively for our client projects. We know the value these templates hold, so we have decided to help others in our industry get started on the right foot! Furnishing a property can be extremely overwhelming, so utilizing these templates will take the guesswork out of everything you need to purchase to get the property guest-ready! Whether you are managing for other short-term rental investors, managing your own properties, or designing for a short-term project, there is a template for you!

*The pricing used in the EXAMPLE TEMPLATE is pricing relevant to central Indiana. If you are outside of this area, we encourage you to do your own pricing research as all markets are different.

We wish you all the best in furnishing and designing!

Elizabeth Maora

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Airbnb hosts that are interested in self managing rentals.

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