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How Computers Work – A perfect explanation that clicks!

What you’ll learn

  • A step by step guide to design a computer, learn how to build adders, comparators, decoders, sequencers and buffers
  • The best explanations on NAND/NOR latches in an unprecedented way!
  • Instruction fetching and execution, numbers, transistors and semiconductor technologies
  • What is programming: how to write a program, how program works
  • A revolutionary way to learn electronics!
  • The computer design logics


  • No prerequisites needed, all you need is the curiosity about how and WHY computers work


This course is a gem in the era of information explosion, because it focuses on WHY, not just how. Most people nowadays only teaches the how, forgetting that we are not some robots born to follow instructions. This course will explain computer basics like never done before! It will teach you the nuts and bolts explaining the REASONs behind each step. You will learn electronics in a radically different way. Besides the mechanics of the machine, it has extensive discussions on the design logics that nobody else talk about! Because to fully understand how computers work, you have to understand WHY they are designed this way. 

Many people talk about computers from the perspectives of a machine, rather than the perspectives of human. They start with the different components of computers, detailing one component and move on to the next. Those materials, while presenting the mechanics of the machine in an objective way, they barely speak to our hearts. Because for any information to go into our hearts, we have to understand WHY we do what we do.

Fully understand the needs of learners, the lecturers lay out the components from the perspectives of learners: what do I need to build and why would I build it this way. Eventually every essential components of a computer will be discussed, but the contents are structured in a way that follow human logics and reasoning, rather than the mechanics of the machine. Once you understand the design logics, you will see nothing is really difficult, nothing need to be memorized, because you have fully understood!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to TRULY know how computers work
  • Anyone who knows programming, but has no clues how programming works
  • Anyone who’ve studied electronics, but still seeking a better understanding

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