Houdini 19.5 Tutorial | Procedural Modeling – SciFi HDA

What you’ll learn

  • Create production-ready procedural modeling Houdini tool from scratch (HDA)
  • Procedural modeling through VEX programming language (Sci-Fi Oriented)
  • Applied Houdini from real-world production point of view
  • Reserved attributes, common functions, recursive looping, avoiding looping, referencing data, attribute casting, geo cleanup tricks, computation optimizing
  • Basic vector algebra, functional UI, iterarive research, code reusing, coding good practices, visualizing data, focusing on what brings value, debug
  • Orientieng instanced geometry, embrace misperfection, realistic expectations, being brutally honest to yourself
  • This is not: VFX, shading, rendering/visualziation, batch processing, PDG, game integration


  • Required: begginer to intermediate Houdini level
  • Required: 3D knowledge foundations
  • Required: free Houdini apprentice software


Houdini 19.5 Tutorial | Procedural Modeling – SciFi HDA. This is a fast-paced tutorial for those willing to become Houdini Technical Artists – Procedural Modeling – for game and animation industry. Real-world productions require art-directionable technically-efficient tools; you’ll create a Scifi generator Houdini Tool (HDA) from scratch according to this specs, with 0% manual modeling.
Starting from a blank scene, we´ll cover practical Houdini implementation for procedural modeling whilst showcasing realistic constraints and requirements from both Art Direction and Technical point of view, along with plenty of recommended practices for production environment.

We´ll move away from average Houdini usage who focus on pre-made nodes and semi-procedural modeling. We will push VEX coding language for addressing the artistic challenge through 100% parametric modeling.

If you are already familiar with the basics of 3D content creation, and you want to aim really high regarding salaries and challenges, this course is for you. I will guide you through the full process of creating a functional Houdini tool (also called HDA -Houdini digital Asset-), with a very clear visual target in mind, with real-world production environment point of view.

I won’t spend time with the ‘intro to Houdini UI’ -ish topics; there is plenty of this for free out there. Instead, I’ll jump straight into creating a real tool and letting you know how it is like within movie and game industry. I wish I had bumped into similar resource 10 years ago.

Who this course is for:

  • 3D artists, looking for fast track to become Houdini Technical Artist – Procedural Modeling focused

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