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Heal from Narcissistic abuse Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Learn why you came into a relationship with a narcissist in the first place
  • Learn what kept you in the relationship for so long
  • Heal the connection that you have to the narcissist
  • Empower yourself through healing so that the narcissist cannot trigger you anymore
  • Do deep healing so that you can go forth in co-creative relationships and not worry about attracting another narcissist into your life


  • The only requirement is that you know a narcissist and want to heal from the experience


Heal from Narcissistic abuse. Narcissists love to have relationships with anyone who has not yet healed their triggers. This is a course for empowerment where you can heal from narcissistic abuse with proven methods of healing. Once you heal your triggers, traumas and wounds you can rebuild your self esteem and reconnect to your inner voice and intuition and you will no longer be an attractive energy spruce for a narcissist. And you will also feel empowered about many areas of your life.

First you will learn about the dynamic between the narcissist and the empath.

You will also learn why you stayed in the relationship for so long. There is a reason we stay in the cycle of abuse.

Next you will learn about the common childhood traumas that most people who have been in a narcissistically abusive relationship all have.

Once these foundations are laid and you understand the why behind the connection to the narcissist it is time to heal. You will be guided through visualisations and given tools to heal the traumas from your childhood and from the abusive relationship.

These healing tools can be used for the rest of your life to heal all parts of yourself over time. They are a resource for you now.

Then you will learn how to rebuild your self esteem and being new relationships. There are some sure fire ways to be sure that your new relationship prospect is not a test from the universe of another narcissist to make sure you recognise them.

This course will empower you so that your triggers are healed and are unable to be pushed by another narcissist.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who knows or has had a relationship with a narcissist

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