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Happy Life Healthy Body Adventure Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • How your thoughts and feelings affect your health
  • Self-regulation techniques to manage stress
  • How to use your heart’s wisdom for guidance and clarity
  • The importance of making peace with your past
  • The importance of self-love
  • Ways to detoxify and de-clutter to reduce stress
  • How to add more beauty to your life
  • How to use your power for your highest good


  • Counter the effects of chronic stress (including weight gain) with happiness.


Happy Life Healthy Body Adventure This course is intended to be an 8-week transformational adventure, but you are free to go at your own pace. You will learn techniques and tips to reduce stress and boost happiness.

Each module has action steps to help you practice what you learn. The more you incorporate what you learn into daily life, the more life-changing this course will be.

I created this course to help family and friends who struggle with weight gain caused by chronic stress. My goal was to help them find ways to reduce stress, manage stress, and own their power. Since happiness counters stress, happiness can help the body return to a healthier weight and a healthier state. The modules cover important topics that support happiness and well-being. I have included research, techniques, tips, and action steps to help make this course truly life-changing.

This program is based on scientific research that love-based feelings, like happiness, joy, enthusiasm, and compassion, lower cortisol levels caused by chronic stress. Lower cortisol levels lead to better health, better decision-making, and healthier behaviors. This program is also based on ancient wisdom that lasting happiness can only be attained when we live a heart-centered life.

Being aware of what you are thinking and feeling gives you the power to shift to a happier state. Reducing stress in the outer world, by going within and connecting to your true self, creates inner peace; inner peace is essential for lasting happiness and mind-body-spirit wellness.

Below are the module topics:

· Module One: How Your Feelings Affect Your Health

· Module Two: The Importance of Self-Regulation

· Module Three: Remember Who You Are

· Module Four: The Art of Self-Love

· Module Five: Make Peace With the Past

· Module Six: Beautify Your Life

· Module Seven: Detoxify and De-clutter

· Module Eight: You Rule!

Are YOU ready for this life-changing adventure?

Who this course is for:

  • Women who desire lasting happiness and better health

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