Google Web Stories For WordPress

What you’ll learn

  • You will practically learn about Google Web Stories
  • Installation of Plugin
  • You will know one of the biggest opportunities for Web Stories
  • Best practice technical SEO so search engines can easily discover, understand and rank your Web Stories
  • You will learn to create custom permalinks for web stories
  • Real-world web stories Publishing
  • You will learn to edit and make it better by updating it


  • You need to have WordPress website


Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular Story format, allowing creators to host and own their content.

Reach more people and engage your audience like never before by bringing tappable Stories to your website.

What you’ll learn

  1. How to clearly define your audience/niche when making content.
  2. Ways to add value to your content.
  3. How to show up authentically online.
  4. Ways to bring your content to life with varying content types.
  5. How to make lists of niche topics to map out your ideas and home in on what excites you.
  6. How to research what content already exists and what subtopics might be ripe for content creation
  7. The quality of your content matters, including spelling and grammar.
  8. Keyword research helps you figure out the best terms to use in your content.
  9. Include as much metadata as possible for the best results.
  10. Use tools to check how your content looks when shared on social media.
  • Tell stories that need to be seenWeb Stories are a visual medium. So when it comes to creating one, first think about what people will want to see and hear.
  • Bring your story to lifeUsing the tool of your choice, edit and customize your story just how you like it.
  • Publish and shareOnce you’re happy with your Story, you publish it to your site, which generates a shareable link just like a blog post.
  • Be found on Search EngineYour Story can then be surfaced in relevant users’ Search Engine surfaces, like Search and Discover.
  • Integrate on your siteShowcase all your Stories in one place and bring your website to life.
  • Monetize with adsIntegrate with ad networks, including both direct-sold and programmatic ads, to make the most of your creative work.
  • Link out to contentMake the most of your Story by linking to videos, articles, products, and even monetizable affiliate links.

There are many ways to build a Web Story. To get started, check out the course complete guide.

Who this course is for:

  • There are no requirements but One Who Has Blog or WordPress Website Already Setup.

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