Get Expertise in Database Testing(SQL) + Linux for Testers

What you’ll learn

  • Detailed knowledge of Database/SQL queries and its implementation while working as Tester/QA
  • Will be able to perform Database testing & validate data and other database factors
  • Will get decent understanding of Unix/Linux and its implementation in testing tasks/activities
  • Ready to perform complex database operations on realtime application
  • Ready to Face Database Testing interviews with best practices and Examples
  • Detailed understanding of advance concepts like Complex Joins, Grouping etc


  • Basic understand of Manual Testing Concepts and Implementation
  • Basic understand of database and how and why we use Database in out applications


Get Expertise in Database Testing(SQL) + Linux for Testers

➖➖➖➖>>  Course Updates <<➖➖➖➖   

Sep 2022 :    Added videos related to Shell Scripting.

Apr 2022 :     Updated Setup Instructions, Now you can setup MySQL DB + Workbench, Also setup a sample DB for practice

Jul 2021  :      Updated Select query videos with better voice quality

Oct 2020 :      Added Sample questions for practice


SQL & Unix for Software Testers

This course is specially designed for Software Testing professionals(Be it Manual or Automation), This will take students from basic level to advance in decent pace videos.

Here we will cover SQL queries and Unix commands which we can use in daily QA activities and also we have covered many interview question which are asked in interviews.

➖➖Database Testing Coverage➖➖

1.  Basic Select Operations

2.  Table Operations (DDL)

3.   Delete data from table

4.   Constraints

5.   Interview Questions

6.   Detailed DRL queries (Fetch data with different clauses)

7.   Data Grouping and Filtration

8.   Different Types of Joins(Inner, Outer, Self, Cross)

9.   Detailed DML Operations (Update, Delete, Insert)

10.  Best Practices for Software Testers

11.  Realtime implementation of Concepts.

12.   Interview Questions.

13.   Practice Exercises with Solutions.

In today’s competitive environment, companies need software testers who are having database as well as Unix/Linux knowledge, this course going to make you ready to perform basic to advance level backend QA activities.

➖➖ Unix/Linux Coverage➖➖

1.  Need of Unix in Software Testing

2.  Check Logs

3.  Perform basic operations by command

4.  Interview Questions

5.  Shell Scripting

This course if very useful for professional who are looking opportunities in Manual and Automation Testing.

Who this course is for:

  • This is specially meant for software testers who are not familiar or having only basic knowledge of Database & SQL queries
  • Software Testing & QA Professionals (Be it Manual or Automation Tester)
  • Freshers looking opportunity in Software Testing
  • QA profession looking to start work in domains like Finance, Telecom, Big Data etc

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