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FortiGate Firewall Course (2022)

What you’ll learn

  • FortiGate Firewall Installation
  • FortiGate Firewall Management
  • Network Address Translate (NAT)
  • FortiGate DDos Protection
  • Virtual IP – Port Forwarding (NAT)
  • Fortinet SD-WAN Configuration
  • FortiGate VDOM (Virtual Domain)
  • WAN Interface PPPoE Settings
  • FortiGate OSPF and BGP Configuration


  • Basic firewall knowledge is required.
  • It is recommended that you have Cisco CCNA training.
  • Temel seviyede sistem ve network bilgisini gerekir.


FortiGate Firewall Course (2022). In this course, you can learn the Fortinet FotiGate firewall installation and management through the sample topology. Fortinet is one of the leading Network Security products manufacturer in the world, and you can always be one step ahead in the sector by learning the installation and management of Fortinet products.

During the course, we will do our lab work using VmWare ESXi, Workstation Pro and FortiGate 60E physical device. First, we will prepare the vLAN on VmWare ESXi, then we will install the FortiGate Virtual Firewall, after the installation, we will start to manage our device by making our basic settings and interface settings. I will also show you an example of installation on VmWare Workstation so that you can do home lab.

Throughout our course; Static Nat , EtherChannel, OSPF Configuration, BGP Configuration, Wan Interface PPPoE Settings, SSL Decryption, URL Filtering, Application Control, File Filter, DNS Filter, Captive Portal Authentication, Guest Management, IPS Inspection, IPsec Site to Site VPN, Remote Access VPN We will cover many more topics such as High Availability (HA), Feature Visibility, Back Up and Restore, VDOM (Virtual Domain).

To attend the course, you must have basic system, network and firewall knowledge. I also recommend that you have received Cisco CCNA training. This training will also help you prepare for the Fortinet NSE certification exam.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve themselves in Network and Cyber ​​Security.

I tried to convey this course to you in the best way with my 24 years of experience in the sector. While I was preparing this course, I prepared it with great pleasure, I have no doubt that you will enjoy watching it too.

Who this course is for:

  • Network Specialists
  • Network Engineers
  • Network Security Experts
  • System and Network Specialists
  • Those Who Want to Become a Network Security Specialist
  • Those Who Want to Become a Cyber Security Expert

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