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What you’ll learn

  • Read and interpret naked candles on candle stick price chart to forecast potential turning points or zones that will fail or hold
  • Apply candle math on candle stick price chart to forecast valid and trade worthy swing turning point
  • Use mechanical framework to read Institutional Orderflow
  • Learn how to identify Swing structure, Sub structure and Minor structure in order to capture Institutional Market Structure
  • Learn how to identify and refine a trade worthy price turning zones
  • Learn Single and Multi Time Frame zone refinement
  • Learn how to identify an invalid zone.
  • Learn how to identify market Structure & Psychological level created as a result of Retail trader activities from that as a result of Big Financial Institution
  • Learn the hidden and actual use of the Fibonacci Retracement tool which is to identify fair market price between Retail buyers and Sellers & not for retracement
  • Learn how to apply and trade Institutional Market Structure on Currency, Crypto, Indices, Stock, Commodity and Synthetics


  • Must have Mobile, Laptop or Desktop Computer


FOREX MASTER CLASS ON DEEP CANDLE READING AND BANK ORDER. When large Financial Institutions put large order through the Forex market, it creates institutional order flow (Uptrend or Downtrend) which creates real patterns. These patterns are institutional footprints created on candle stick price charts  at retail fair market value we can see all over different timeframes.

It is Structured step-by-step and in chronological order and framework designed to enable the learner identify and engage retail and Institutional footprints. As a result, this course is designed to switch you from speculative trading to Market Making trading because being able to interpret these footprints essentially makes you a marker maker.

Our objective is to make you learn the behavior, principle & factor behind the mechanical production of the order flow caused by the market makers and extract profit from the candle stick pattern created by this Orderflow by capturing them with Institutional Market Structure, Institutional Supply & Demand zone and Naked Candle Reading.

This course offers a mechanical framework to trading Currency, Cryptocurrency, Synthetics, Stocks, Indices, Commodity with Market turning point forecast Strategies such as Range Created Zone, Pivot Created Zone, Flip Zone, Sweep Zone, Structural zones, Swing zones, Candle Math, Candle Reading.

This course also teaches how to forecast price levels that will hold or fail.

Any trade setup with over 10 pips STOP LOSS is a wrong setup and hence, the outcome is probabilistic.

This course also teaches how to setup trades with less than 5pips STOP LOSS

Who this course is for:

  • Currency Traders
  • Stock Traders
  • Crypto Currency Traders
  • Indices Traders
  • Synthetics Traders
  • Commodity Traders

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