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Forex and Crypto:Basic Candlesticks and Price Action Trading

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals and Candlesticks Patens
  • Supply and Demand (Entry and Exit)
  • All types of candlesticks and their potential movement,
  • Market trend , Consolidation , Prevent Stop loss and Liquidity area
  • Market Maker movements and liquidity hunts, stop loss hits


  • No Experience required, Deep enthusiasm in Trading


Forex and Crypto:Basic Candlesticks and Price Action Trading

In this course, you can learn forex and crypto trading chart patterns, candlesticks and how they form what candlesticks can show off,  supply & demand areas how to identify and where to enter when to exit, and how support and resistance form (entry and exit). the market structure and market movers how they grab our stop loss and liquidity, and how to find out liquidity areas in the chart. how the market trend moves based on the country’s economy and when to enter for the swing trade and where to exit for the day trader. what is a price action based on the price action the candles will form in both the forex and crypto field? when the market will move and the timing for the trade to entry and exit in forex and crypto.

This course offers you a basic to pro level of forex chart pattern knowledge and you can trade without any indicator and anyone’s knowledge or support. this is purely based on price action chart patterns and what the candlesticks can teach u. about the mentality of traders and how retail traders will think and how the big market movers think those things are included in this course. after finishing this course you will become a maters in price action trading by S&D S&R levels in charts.

This course can help to trade in both forex and crypto trading fundamental price action trading.

Who this course is for:

  • Curious traders
  • Long-term or Short-term Investors

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