Five Steps to Forging Trust Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Personality assessment followed by five steps to building trust and effective communication. Ultimately, they will build their own Leadership Notebook.
  • An introduction to personality assessment
  • The pillars to excellent communication
  • The five steps to forging trust


  • None.


Once you have mastered rapport, you move onto trust. This advanced certification course teaches how to strategize trust and healthy professional dialogue and relationships for all aspects of business and personal interactions. Whether you are looking to build internal morale (in-person and virtually) or looking to build great product brand and recognition, this course breaks down the elusive “art form” into an actionable step-by-step process for any individual, team or organization.

The content is based upon Robin’s related book and his years of behavioral assessment and strategizing trust and communication for corporations and individuals seeking to build strong relationships for every aspect of their lives.The Code of Trust is based on the system that Robin devised, tested, and implemented during years of fieldwork at the highest levels of national security. Since then, this unique system has elevated executives to leadership and changed the culture of entire companies, making workers happier and more productive, as morale soared.

The program is simple: inspiring trust is not a trick, nor is it an arcane art – it’s an important, character-building endeavor that requires only a sincere desire to be helpful and sensitive, and the ambition to be more successful at work and at home. The Code of Trust is based on the five principles: (1) Suspend Your Ego, (2) Be Nonjudgmental, (3) Honor Reason, (4) Validate Others, and (5) Be Generous.

Who this course is for:

  • CEO’s building teams and managing mergers and seeking effective communication. Sales professionals looking to become more effective and build a better personal brand. Individuals tasked with building client relations. Professionals who routinely conduct interviews and are looking to enhance their skills. Individuals who value building trust and strong healthy relationships for every aspect of their lives.

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