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Family Constellations – Practice with Me Free

What you’ll learn

  • Family Constellations – Practice with Me Free
  • Most common issues people come up with
  • From real case studies
  • Setting up an online session with and without dolls
  • Interpret and Lead a Session to a closure
  • More about blind love


  • My first two courses I have on Udemy
  • Or an Understanding of What Family Constellations is about.
  • The Natural Laws


Family Constellations – Practice with Me Free MY BOOK: HEALING THE PRESENCE OF THE PAST is available on my website CHRISTINABUCHER*COM

Practice with Me

You now have learned to agree to what is, to accept the world as it is, to accept others as they are and yourself for yourself. So by now, you understood in your heart that “It is what is”.

And you have also found a place in your heart for your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and everyone else who belongs in your family system. Haven’t you?

Well, at least your parents are now in your heart?

There’s no way out of this.

Now it’s time to practice. Let’s do that through people’s stories.

Real cases told from beginning to end then explained how it was done according to the “Orders of Love” – the principles that rule Family Constellations therapy.

“Introduction to Family Constellations” is my first course for you to have a solid idea on the laws that make this therapy the best there is right now.

Then “Do it Yourself” comes in to refresh and reinforce what you learned in the intro one, but it stimulates you to begin working on yourself.

And now “Practice with Me” is purely case studies from my own practice that I will tell you and help you understand how I did it; the most common issues people bring and what they are related to using real stories from real people.

In this third course of mine, you will be able to use all the theory and self practice you’ve learned so far with course one and two.

Learn how to talk to clients with very serious issues and help them turn horrible perspectives that are destroying their mental estate and creating life struggles into one that gives them peace of mind.

From symptoms to root cause… for instance:

Father issues

I found out at 18 my father was a sperm donor.

Only seen my father in a photo.

Never seen or know how my father looks like.

My father was a violent man and beat us all.

He left my mother and I when I was a baby.

I call my grandad dad.

Dad was a murderer.

He committed suicide.

My father impregnated two women at the same time.

How two sisters from the same violent father and who later committed suicide are able to have quite distinctive financial lives and relate to men a bit better than  the other despite their common past?


I can’t get a man to commit to building a family.

I want to have a family but the women whom I like don’t like me, and the ones who like I don’t like them.

My marriage is broken but I can’t leave.

I’m an alcoholic.

Money comes in easy but leaves me in the blink of an eye.

My life is a financial roller-coaster.

I’m afraid of change.

I can’t do things on my own.

I want to work with something meaningful. But I am studying something that I don’t like.

Can’t finish anything I start. I already began and abandoned four different university courses.

I keep attracting cheaters, violent men…

When you purchase this course, you can also purchase ONE session class with me to practice for only 30 euros on any issue you choose by sending me a message.


At the end of this course, you can buy for 3 sessions where I will supervise your work. You bring your client who can be a friend, a family member or anyone who’s agreed to help you practice, and I will watch and help you with that.

Who this course is for:

  • This courses is for people who learned the theory from my first course and did some self-work. with some more studying with the second one.
  • For people who have a minimum of experience.
  • For people intending to further up their knowledge

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