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Face slimming selfmassage Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • How to slim the face
  • Improve the overall shape and features of the face.
  • Reduce the double chin, under eye bags
  • Correction of excessive volume of fat tissue in the cheek area


  • Any face wash
  • Silicon or glass cup
  • Any face oil, massage cream or any moisturizer


Face slimming selfmassage The beauty industry is growing rapidly and natural rejuvenation is gaining momentum.
The request for environmental friendly methods of preserving and maintaining natural beauty appeared relatively recently, relegating the “industry of identical faces” to the background, when all kinds of injections, threads, and surgical procedures were almost the only way to meet the beauty standards dictated from glossy covers and Instagram pages. Natural ways of anti-aging is still taking over.
Thus, a unique novelty appeared – the technique of self slimming face massage.
The task during was to create the most environmentally friendly, gentle, pleasant, but highly effective massage techniques, the result of which can be seen in the mirror immediately after the first session – a clearer oval, the disappearance of puffiness and healthy tightened skin.
At the first stage, a deep cleansing of the skin from makeup and care products is carried out, then the work on the décolleté and neck areas begins, since when we say the word “face”, we mean a larger area – the décolleté, neck and face itself. Almost half the time massage is performed on dry skin. This is necessary in order to warm up the skin and achieve a better lymphatic drainage effect. Followed by unique cupping massage techniques, helps to depuff and sculpting the face, same time giving the relaxation the muscles.
Today, to be one step ahead of the competition, it is simply necessary to include rejuvenating massages in your selfcare routine.

Who this course is for:

  • Only a planned out set of treatments will help you achieve the long-lasting results you are aiming for. Draining and sculpting techniques which included in this course will re-educating your muscels to be in their optimal position. The fat on your face turns into acids, which helps achieve a slimmer appearance. The results of the procedure will definitely leave you pleasantly surprised. While removing excess fluid, it’ll also enable your lymphatic system to boost the delivery of fresh and vital nutrients to your cells. By simply using continual strokes to massage and stimulate lymphatic fluid, you’ll boost circulation, delivering a radiant glow, all the while creating a lifting effect.
  • For the beginners, any age can attend

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