Exploring Bootstrap 5 Free

What you’ll learn

  • Exploring Bootstrap 5 Free
  • You will Learn What is Bootstrap and How Grid System Works in Responsive Design.
  • In Depth Paractical Demonstration of Layout using Containers, Grids and Layouts.
  • Course Will Cover Typography & Utilities in depth which will cut down your CSS Work.
  • Parctical Demonstration of Forms, Components and Personal Website Development.


  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript


Exploring Bootstrap 5 Free Bootstrap is a popular framework designed for the building and development of responsive web sites & applications. With Bootstrap 5, the framework has more UI elements and comes with more advanced features. More than a million websites use Bootstrap and their framework for front-end development.

In this course, you will learn Bootstrap 5 from scratch to an advanced level. You will learn to build  Live Real-World project with the latest Bootstrap 5 CSS framework. We will go through the Bootstrap 5 documentation step by step and learn how to use the UI elements.

Now, before you can get started, you need to have some prerequisites for this course. Although this Bootstrap 5 course covers everything from scratch. You need some skills to get started.

You need to have some skills in HTML5 & CSS3 and you should be able to build some websites with HTML and CSS. If not, that’s ok, but you still need to know some basics of HTML and CSS.

You should know how Classes and IDs work in CSS because classes and IDs are what are used to build websites with Bootstrap 5. Make sure to have some basic idea of what CSS classes and IDs mean.

You also need to have some skills in JavaScript, although it’s not required in this course much. It is still a good idea to have some skills in JavaScript. Because Bootstrap 5 uses JavaScript at its main core to work with web interactions, like dropdown menusmodals, and other UI elements.

So, here’s what you will learn throughout the course.

Section 1, you will learn what is Responsive Design , How it works as well as Bootstrap 5 Framework it’s working and Documentation.

Section 2, you will learn about breakpoints, Containers, Grid System and Gutters.

Section 3, you will learn about Bootstrap 5 main contents, in which you will learn about the Typography , Images, Tables and Figures.

Section 4, you will learn about Utilities in Bootstrap 5. This part includes every minor and major detail about all the utilities available in Bootstrap 5.2

Section 5, you will learn how to work with forms and form elements in Bootstrap 5 as well as awesome Bootstrap 5 validation functionality .

Section 6, you will learn about the components in Bootstrap 5. You will learn how to use Bootstrap 5’s Dismissible alertscreate badges, use Breadcrumbs in Bootstrap 5, create and align Buttons and Button groups within Bootstrap 5, and so much more.

Section 7, you will learn how to use Fontawesome Icons, Bootstrap Icons, Google Material Icons as well Google Fonts.

Section 8, its all about Single Page Bussiness website development where you will see all the sections practically such as Features Section, About us Section, Services Section and etc.

The idea of building different types of projects with Bootstrap 5 is to give to a practice of developing web applications and building your skills in web development to master the front-end development of a web with bootstrap 5.

I hope you guys will enjoy the course, See you in class.

Who this course is for:

  • Web Developer with any Level

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