Essential Skills for Designers – Masking

What you’ll learn

  • Sound knowledge of all the masking techniques needed for designers
  • Advantages of Pixel and Vector masking
  • Creative ways of using masking
  • Retouching with masking
  • Making perfect selections of hair
  • Professional approach of working with images in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign


  • Adobe Photoshop CS3+
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3+
  • Adobe InDesign CS3+


Masking is an essential skills for any Graphic Designer, Photographer or Retoucher as it allows you to combine multiple photos into a single image and can help to remove a person, object etc from a photo which otherwise you may not have been able to use.

This course thoroughly explains everything you need to know about masking techniques in Adobe’s three core applications: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It starts by making sure you get to grips with the basic concept of masking then you will have the opportunity to also learn lots of advanced creative techniques.

Completing this course will allow you to work more efficiently on design compositions and edit images with confidence no matter the creative challenge.

Let’s take a closer look at what you will learn:

  • The course will start by providing you with some useful resources for creative professionals, like design terms to ensure you are familiar with, useful websites to bookmark and a way to get to grips with keyboard shortcuts. Which can half your working time!
  • Then we will start by mastering the basic concepts and technique behind masking, how to hide/show details and basic workflows.
  • Then we will move into the biggest chapter of the course and learn about the many different ways you can set up and make use of masks in Photoshop. Here learn about, making adjustments, creative masking, masking with gradients, masking with objects, using clipping masks and loads more.
  • Next you will learn about how to set up and make use of masks in Illustrator. The main focus of this chapter will be on clipping and opacity masks.
  • Finally discover how you can setup and use masks in InDesign, something not a lot of people are aware of! This can be achieved with image frames, clipping effects within a frame and using feathering effects.

This course includes:

  • 18 Videos
  • 2 Hours of learning content
  • 2 Downloadable resources

Who will find it useful:

  • Those who are looking to start a career as a Graphic Designer,
    Photographer, Retoucher or Artworker.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their Photoshop skills.
  • Designers looking to build on their current creative skill set.

This course is based in Photoshop and basic knowledge of how to use the software is important to helping you make the most of the course and learning experience.The practises learnt in this course can be applied to any project which uses type in the future and can help to develop a strong understanding of this complex subject.

Martin is an Adobe Certified Instructor who has years of experience teaching  in both and online in classroom environments. He has also worked professionally in the creative industry for over 10 years on a wide range of projects. The examples and techniques used have been developed over this time to deliver the most efficient and enjoyable approach to teaching and learning.

Learn everything you need to know about Masking techniques so you can start incorporating them into your workflow in the fastest and most efficient way possible by enrolling on this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Professional Photoshop users
  • Freelance Designers
  • Design Interns
  • Design Students
  • Creative Professionals
  • Anyone preparing for the Photoshop Adobe Certified Expert exam

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