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ESL Teaching English Conversation, Intermediate to Advanced

What you’ll learn

  • How to stimulate engaging English conversation at the intermediate to advanced level as taught by an established English language school.
  • The main learning objectives that must be met when teaching conversation at the intermediate to advanced level.
  • You’ll receive material and instruction grouped into 6 general modules to stimulate conversation that meets the learning objectives.
  • You’ll learn how to create your own material following the same pattern as the material provided in this Course.
  • As a bonus, you’ll receive unique and innovative Tests and Challenges that provide a fun way to challenge the comprehension skills of your students.


  • No ESL teaching experience required. You’ll learn all that you need to know.
  • The desire to grow your ESL business by making your students happy with engaging conversation.


ESL Teaching English Conversation, Intermediate to Advanced. Conversation. It’s what your ESL students want the most. The more they speak English, the happier they are. But teaching conversation is a challenge! At the intermediate to advanced level, conversation needs to be more than talking about your day, or how you spent the weekend. You as the teacher need to be able to stimulate conversation with your students that has the potential to do the following:

(1) Encourage students to speak in English about a range of topics, many of which are not common, day-to-day topics, thereby motivating the students to increase their vocabulary set.

(2) Sharpen the ability of students to ask and answer questions in complete and grammatically correct sentences.

(3) Challenge students to organize and then convincingly express in English their ideas or opinions about a particular subject, and then be able to defend those ideas or opinions while also respectfully responding to opposing viewpoints.

(4) Develop comprehension abilities not only by having students listen to English being spoken at a “realistic” speed, but even by having students write down notes while listening to an English narration.

(5) Strengthen cognitive skills of students through the exercise of formulating and asking pertinent questions in English in order to better understand a situation.

(6) Provide students with the opportunity to learn and use in practice new words, expressions and idioms.

In this Course, you will receive a variety of exercises, laid out in six general modules, that addresses all of these learning objectives. Each comes with an associated Teacher Manual that, along with the lectures, provides instruction on how to teach the material based upon our many years of classroom experience. The exercises can be distributed to your students and incorporated directly into your lesson plan, all without copyright restriction. The Teacher Manual is meant only for you. You’ll also be given tips on how you can create your own, new material following the pattern of the exercises provided in this Course. Finally, as a bonus, you’ll receive our innovative Tests & Challenges that provides a fun way to challenge the comprehension skills of your students.

The material can be used for classes comprised of a group of students or just one student, and was developed by the Online Canadian Academy, an English-language school in operation since 2014.

Your students will love your class because of the innovative and engaging exercises that you provide to stimulate conversation.

Who this course is for:

  • Any ESL teacher looking for engaging exercises – along with tips on teaching them – to stimulate English conversation at the intermediate to advanced level.

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