Environmental Sustainability Management

What you’ll learn

  • The basics of environmental management.
  • An introduction into the environmental science behind environment management.
  • The soft skills required to be a successful environmental manager, advisor or consultant.
  • How managing your business or project’s environment and sustainability impacts can help it grow financially.


  • No prior experience needed. This course is for beginners in the environment and sustainability field.


Environmental Sustainability Management. This course is a practical course on Environmental Sustainability Management. The main bulk of lectures are split into two main parts, Environmental Knowledge and Environmental Skills. Every successful environmental and sustainability professional will have both a solid understanding of environmental issues and challenges the globe faces; alongside being able to implement this knowledge with a set of key skills.

In the Environmental Knowledge section, I will break down the main environmental topics that business’ and projects will face and therefore what an environmental professional must tackle. I break these down into the science behind each environmental topic and methods that environmental professionals can employ to reduce their organisation’s impact on each one.

In the second section, Environmental Skills, I will take a look at the key skills that every environmental professional should have at their disposal to help implement the environmental knowledge in the first place. I will teach you tried and tested skills on how to champion the environment successfully, skills that I wish I had been taught when I first started out as an environment and sustainability professional.

This course will prepare everyone from environmental or sustainability students, looking to secure a job in the hugely growing environmental or ‘green economy’; environmental professionals just starting out their career and projects and businesses looking to identify how they can manage and succeed in the environmental and sustainability field to help grow their business.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of the main environmental impacts any business or project faces and how best to tackle them. This course will provide you with a how-to guide on what you need to know, and how you can implement this knowledge successfully. This course will set you aside from your competition and give you the cutting edge in one of the fastest growing fields globally.

Who this course is for:

  • Environmental Science students
  • Environmental Managers
  • Environmental Advisors
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Sustainability Managers
  • Sustainability Advisors
  • CSR Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs/start-ups aiming to improve their project’s sustainability
  • Sustainability Professionals
  • Sustainability Students
  • Sustainability Consultants

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