Dynamic programming

What you’ll learn

  • Importance of dynamic programming
  • How to use the top-down approach of dynamic programming (memoization)
  • How to use the bottom-up approach of dynamic programming (tabulation)
  • How to solve almost any dynamic programming problem


  • Programming basics
  • Algorithms and data structures basics


Dynamic programming is one of the most important and powerful algorithmic techniques that can be used to solve a lot of computational problems, it’s a fundamental technique to learn to strengthen your algorithms and problem solving skills

But, a lot of students find hard times understanding dynamic programming and being able to apply it to solve problems, if you are in this situation, this course is made for you!

Why you should take this course:

  • Covers all what you need to know to start using dynamic programming to solve problems (introduction, recursion, how to recognize a dynamic programming problem, memoization, tabulation…)
  • Shows you a technique to solve almost any dynamic programming problem
  • Has an active instructor that is ready to answer to your questions and doubts in case you don’t understand something
  • Explains the time and space complexity analysis of each solved problem
  • Includes 20 different interesting dynamic programming problems to practice on with the ability to test your Python solution on different test cases before watching the solution

Practice problems are:

  1. Paths in matrix
  2. House robber
  3. Longest common subsequence
  4. Gold mine
  5. Edit distance
  6. Ways to climb
  7. Shortest common supersequence
  8. Coin change
  9. 0-1 Knapsack
  10. Subset sum
  11. Longest increasing subsequence
  12. Ways to decode
  13. Rod cutting
  14. Interleaving string
  15. Square matrix of ones
  16. Partition problem
  17. Sorted vowel strings
  18. Minimum cost for tickets
  19. Word break
  20. Matrix chain multiplication

If you have any other question concerning this course that you want to ask before enrolling, you can send me a message on Instagram at @inside.code


Who this course is for:

  • Computer science students
  • Software engineering students
  • Programmers
  • Competitive programmers

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