Dog Training for Expectant Parents

What you’ll learn

  • Training Ideas to help your dog prepare for life with a baby, and to help with your sanity!
  • Explore what can we expect of our Dog around a Newborn Baby
  • Learn Canine Body Language, and the subtle signals they are telling us, so we can successfully keep both dog and baby safe together
  • Tips to help prepare your dog for new baby furniture, noises and routines with easy steps and suggestions
  • Tips to help a smooth first introduction to your Baby


  • No experience necessary.
  • You will learn everything you need to know


In this course on Dog Training for Expectant Parents – How to prepare your dog for a newborn baby, we will explore training ideas on how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your newborn baby and why this is important.

We will be exploring Canine Body Language so we can help our dog be comfortable around our baby and also keep our baby safe, keeping in mind our dog’s own unique personalities and their freedom of choice.

We will examine how we can acclimatise your dog to their new family home environment including how to introduce changes in the home like the set up of a nursery, the benefits of enrichment and how to familiarise equipment such as prams, children’s toys and baby noises

We will look at training ideas that you can start practicing right away, to make your life much easier once baby has arrived!

Lastly, you will learn what to do with your dog during the birth period and how to introduce your dog to your baby in the right way, setting up their relationship for success, plus much more.

I believe that a happy home does include children AND dogs growing up harmoniously together, and I hope that this course will help you set up a fantastic life with both your Canine and little human family member together.

Who this course is for:

  • Expectant Parents, Grandparents, Canine Professionals

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