Digital Marketing 3.0: Facebook Ads (Focus On Real Estate)

What you’ll learn

  • Setting Up Your FB ad account and Fanpage correctly for your property and how to measure your success
  • Optimizing your budget and spending so that you can get more leads for less dollars and scale it up
  • Writing laser-specific FB ads that appeal to your leads and make them want to give their contact details to you
  • FB Business Manager


  • Speak and understand English
  • Marketing/Selling real estate/property
  • Have a Facebook account


Digital Marketing 3.0: Facebook Ads (Focus On Real Estate). How Can You As A Real Estate Agent or Property Marketing/Sales Person Make Use Of FB Marketing (Advertising) In Order To Earn More Commission And What Is the Big Trend In Digital Marketing Now? This Is What ‘Digital Marketing 3.0’ Is All About.

In this course which is part of Digital Marketing 3.0 For Real Estate Agents you will learn how to craft laser-specific Facebook ads that appeal to your leads and make them want to give their contact details to you, what distinguishes a great ad from an average one, how you can manage, measure and optimize your budget so that you don’t overspend and scale it up to greater heights.

Right from the basics on how to set up your ads account, business manager, fan pages and campaigns to advanced techniques how you can entice your selected audience to take action and give you their contact details in lead capture forms and how you can then access those in order to contact them and hopefully then close a deal with them.

In short, be better at FB Marketing than your competitors and colleagues. Excited? Then sign up now and get going right now.

To Your Success!

Jochen Siepmann (The Online Agent)

Who this course is for:

  • Real Estate Agents / Property Agents
  • Real Estate/Property Marketing people
  • Real Estate/Property Sales people

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