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Deep Release Point Therapy & Soul Retrieval Practitioner

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How to Personalize Your Practice and Blend Healing Modalities
  • Learn How to Incorporate Sacred Tools (Crystals & Sacred Feathers) Into Your Practice of Healing
  • Learn About Healing & the Unseen World (Spirits & Totem Animals)
  • Learn About the Luminous Energy Field & What It Is
  • Understand & Learn to Reset the Nervous System (Humans & Animals)
  • Understand the Body Fist & Wisdom Body
  • Learn the Shamans Four Rivers of Human Balance For a Healthy Life
  • Learn the Four Questions a Shaman Asks to Begin Healing
  • Learn the Balance Bonus Questions for Healing
  • Introduction to the Energy Systems and How They Are Explained In Different Cultures
  • Understand Questioning For Soul Retrieval (bringing it back inward)


  • All Levels Are Welcome
  • Perfect For Healers, Modality & Consciousness Worker’s (Healer/Bodyworker/Counselors/Therapists)
  • An Intro to Reiki or “Any” Bodywork/Energy Work Modality Before-Or-After This Course Is Recommended


Deep Release Point Therapy & Soul Retrieval Practitioner


D.R.P. Therapy & Soul Retrieval, is a combination of many therapies and healing techniques included into one inspirational way to heal the body and soul.

DRP was influenced and adapted in inspiration of healing methods of Incan Indians, African shaman healing techniques, incorporating aura dusting, nature’s healing crystals, shaman extraction techniques dealing with the luminous energy field, out of the box Western Medicine thinking, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chakras, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Spiritual Counseling and Science. This modality can be used to release stored negative emotions and thought patterns manifesting illness and disease in life, that are blocking spiritual evolution.

Counselors, Therapists and Ministers may find this a unique way to arrive at the roots of where things went wrong and assist their clients and patients to make change to get better beyond just feeling better temporarily. Bodyworkers will have a new set of Q&A and techniques to add to their healing sessions.

Because stress, negativity and emotional thought patterns are linked with physical manifestations of illness and disease, this modality and way of life focuses on removing the negativity and blocks of an old story, in order to move on with life. The intention of this training is to help others really live, see themselves by taking the shaman journey of Rivers and Questions, understanding the luminous energy field and how to heal our energy and bodies strategically and wholly on an ongoing basis.

This course assumes you have some knowledge already of energy work and the energy body; however, you may begin here and move on to get that training afterwards to deepen your understanding.

If you are new to POBA, welcome to class! If you are a returning student, you know how much I love you! 🙂 Sufi

Who this course is for:

  • Healers, Shamans, Sages
  • Light Workers, Energy Workers
  • Psychic Readers, Witches
  • Those Who Study Indigenous Art & Practices
  • Those Open Minded Who Will Not Judge Healing Practices from Other Countries or Peoples Because It Is Less Familiar
  • Those Who Want to Explore EVERY Avenue of Healing Modalities
  • Counselors/Therapists/Ministers
  • Shaman Student’s
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Students & Practitioners
  • Massage Students & ALL Healing Practitioners

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