What you’ll learn

  • Create a Squid Multiplayer game
  • Learn how to create complex Game
  • Learn to program using blueprints 100%
  • Those who already have experience in game development will further enhance their development skills


  • No programming experience at all is required to learn this course



Hi everyone, I’m Andrei.

Sorry for my English.


This course is a Multiplayer Game Shooter the basic Multiplayer.

Daily update.

About Blueprint

All content in this set of courses is implemented using blueprints. You’ll see a set of blueprint projects with a clear structure and clean nodes, and it’s time to really understand the greatness of blueprints.

A delicate and easy to learn course.

DavSquid Multiplayer This is a Multiplayer game

Full Course List

  1. Section
    • Create Guardian Base.
    • Create Finish Line.
    • Create Shooting Player.
    • Create Terrain camp.
    • Create Audio FootStep.
    • Create Damage , Health.
    • Create Wiget time.
    • Create Spawn.
  2. About the ContentThis course is a complete set of tutorials for the Battle Royale type Multiplayer of game. The features are so huge that they were not shown in the promo video to show all the features. For example, the bullets fired all have a downward effect and reduce the flight speed based on the distance. All features are made as detailed as possible.The course is now fully completed, and you can view the course outline to learn all the contents of this set of courses.Cui se adresează acest curs:
    • People who want to learn game development
    • People with no or some programming experience
  3. Why Take This Course?Even if Third person aren’t your interest, this course provides the steps necessary to create a video game from start to finish. You will learn many fundamental things about the game-making process and will be able to in the projects you work on from here on out. I’m excited to see what you can create because I understand what you’re capable of. So are you ready?

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn game development
  • People with no or some programming experience

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