Culture Transformation Masterclass

What you’ll learn

  • Decoding the four types of company culture
  • Design a culture transformation plan
  • Create and launch a culture transformation program
  • Practical ways to involve stakeholders in culture change
  • Confidence and clarity about culture change


  • employee leadership background, talent management, change management,


Culture Transformation Masterclass

In this masterclass you will learn how to design and roll out a culture transformation and maintenance program. You will discover how to identify where the organisation culture is disconnected from stated values and purpose, how to build a culture blueprint to mend and enhance it, and practical ways to actually transform the culture. You will have access to downloadable practical resources to use in your real life project. Throughout the course, you will complete quizzes and assessment so you stay on track with your progress. This masterclass covers 6 modules: 1) Exploring culture and its tentacles 2) Culture health discovery 3. Setting the culture trajectory 4. Culture Blueprint Design 5. Culture transformation and 6. Culture maintenance design

Key Learnings

  • How to identify values and culture disconnect
  • Learn the Culture Decoder Matrix
  • Access the Culture Blueprint Framework
  • Master how to set the culture path
  • Connect with ways to ignite and sustain change

Now more than ever, organisations need to reshape their culture to embrace the seismic changes the world is under going. While most organisations know the importance of a healthy culture, few have the a clear step-by-step strategy for how to reshape cultures that have turned unhealthy.

I have been consulting and coaching on leadership, culture transformation and strategy projects for two decades, across 16 industries in eiyour countries. Not only am I a culture transformation sensei, my success working in the diverse landscape that I have been exposed to boils down to my ability to navigate and straddle organisational cultures and national culture. I have distilled my wealth of experience into a no fluff masterclass that will guide you through planning, designing, and transforming organisation culture. I’m Ethel Kuuya, and welcome to my Masterclass.

Who this course is for:

  • Those leading or part of a transformation processes can benefit from learning about culture change.

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