Creating Game Assets With Blender For Unity Game Engine

What you’ll learn

  • Creating Game Assets With Blender For Unity Game Engine
  • Create your own Unity 3d Models with confidence using Blender 3D
  • Learn how to make a variety of low-poly models for your video game projects
  • Learn about applying Materials, Textures & UVs
  • Learn about Rigging Game Characters in blender
  • Learn exporting 3d game models from blender to unity
  • Learn animating character in unity with mixamo


  • Student has a drive to want to learn quickly
  • Students should expect to watch one lecture at a time and then follow the lecture with a session in Blender
  • The course is taught on a PC/Windows computer, and requires the use of a standard keyboard with numeric keypad, a 3-button mouse with mousewheel and some knowledge of working with game development props, animations, scripts, and graphics
  • Student has a respectable background in personal computing


Creating Game Assets With Blender For Unity Game Engine Learn 3D modeling, texturing, UV unwrapping, Rigging game assets. Start 3D modeling in Blender. Blender 3D modeling for game asset Development.

in this particular course we will create:

  • Stylized Character
  • Robot Model
  • Rickshaw Model
  • Suzuki Model
  • Isuzu Truck Pakistani
  • Pakistani Traditional Truck

This course is for absolute beginners as well as advance users. we will learn full process of modeling game assets in blender and using that assets in unity game engine. also we will learn how we can publish that assets to unity asset store.

we will learn from basics of blender how to navigate, how to model objects, how to edit, how to texture, how to render, how to rig, how to animate, how to export in blender and then how to setup models for unity game engine and lot more.

  • Use 3D modeling in Blender to create a practical, real world game asset that you can use in your own creations or expand upon into other game assets.
  • Make awesome, AAA game assets by utilizing just the right tools and techniques of the software that you need.
  • Save time and money by creating your own 3D models, quickly and efficiently.
  • Learn 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, and exporting with Blender, the world’s premiere 3D application for creating amazing game assets.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for 3d modelers or game developers who want to earn money by creating 3d game assets for unity
  • Beginners in game development field who want to learn asset modeling for games

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