Creating a C#,Xaml Tool Box For UWP Windows 10 Apps Free

What you’ll learn

  • Creating a C#,Xaml Tool Box For UWP Windows 10 Apps Free
  • The Goal focus of this course is to teach the student a new way of looking at your classes as tools that can be used with many uwp apps.
  • Through simplified tool classes I will provide the student with a base of tools that they can build into a useful toolbox that they can use on a daily basis.
  • Following along with the coding helps retain the steps needed to create your own useful tools
  • Each tool built in this course is expandable to customize it for your own needs


  • Must have a basic understanding of Programming with Visual Studio
  • student should have a basic understanding of both C# and Xaml Programming as it pertains to Universal Windows Apps (UWP).
  • If you are a complete beginner you will want to take a C# UWP Xaml 101 course for beginners before taking this course.
  • While some remedial terms and and functions may be covered in some detail in order to explain what we are attempting to accomplish. This course will maintain it’s focus more on the ideology of usage of the tools and building a basic toolbox of classes rather than the individual functionality of each method.
  • All tools presented in this course are simplified. The student should have the ability to research methods and terms online at MSDN or Microsoft docs in order to complete the challenges.


Creating a C#,Xaml Tool Box For UWP Windows 10 Apps Every professional needs a tool box. Whether you are just starting out in programming or you have been programming for years. If you don’t have a tool box of your own. Learn to create your own class tool box and fill it with a few useful tools along the way.

Who this course is for:

  • UWP Windows 10 Programmers looking to learn a great way to reduce coding

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