Course Engagement Hacks

What you’ll learn

  • Boost higher online course egagement rates, wich results in more backend sales
  • Mindset: It’s all about YOUR customer
  • How to understand and create trust with YOUR customers
  • Understanding the WHY of Your customers (triggers)


  • No experience needed, it’s all about creating experience


Course Engagement Hacks. Every course creator knows that not all students finish their course. Statistics show that only 10% of students finish their course.

To increase your statistics ther are some hacks that you can apply.

Most course creators misout on these simple yet important hacks.

And every course creator should know and I really hope you know this , in each course there should be backend sales possible. So getting more students to finish their course will increase the value of each student.

So what ever course you are creating , improve those little things that are mentioned in my course and you will see a rise in revenue just by implementing these hacks.

Hacks that will improve the engagement of the students in your courses.

Which will result in more backend sales.

Not only will it increase your revenue , it will also increase your credibility as a course creator. So introducing more similar courses to your students will be accepted as being important for them. Important enough to be bought and consumed.

After all as a course creator helping people to achieve a better result , what ever that may be, is a very rewarding experience.

So be sure to check out this course and implement some or all the hacks.

From one course creator to another, enjoy learning these hacks.

Who this course is for:

  • course creators, coaches, anyone who wants to communicate with their customers

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