Core Java for Automation Testers- Coding made Easy

What you’ll learn

  • You Will get complete knowledge on Java OOPS concepts with Practical implementations
  • You will get clear understanding on practical usage of Java Conditions and loops.
  • Ability to write any Java Program logic with the strategies , tips and tricks discussed in the course
  • Deeper understanding on advanced topics java collections and apply them successfully in solving the java logics
  • Practical understanding and usages of objects,classes,methods,functions in java
  • Get Access to more than 200+ Java interview questions with solved solutions and crack any Java interview like a GEM
  • You can successfully build Java Automation frameworks(Selenium,Appium,Rest API) from scratch


  • Nothing.. All prerequistes including java configuration is taken care as part of course
  • No Prior Coding Experience Needed! Just relax and start the course with fresh Mind!


Core Java for Automation Testers- Coding made Easy

Are you from non Technical background and looking to master in Java for your Automation needs?
If Yes “YOU ARE ON RIGHT PAGE” I will fulfill your wish with my easy teaching and simple Techniques.
Allocate 10 hours of your valuable time to this Top rated (4.6/5) course and get into Comfortable zone in handling Java related Automation/Projects..  

***What made this course Unique from other hundreds of Java courses in the Market?******
We assume our students have zero knowledge on coding and have taken special care in teaching every topic and YES we have seen 100% success results and many of my students are leading the Java projects with the knowledge they have gained in the course. And worth to mention This course will clear all your hurdles in cracking any Core java interviews!!!

You will get the best in class support from the instructor for any question you have related to the course.

Market is never short of jobs in Java programming language, there are ample of jobs in both Java development and Automation Testing using Java.

This course is backed by udemy’s 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will get the money back. In addition to that you will keep all the code files of the course as a thank you for trying out the course !!!

What are you waiting for? Enroll today and learn the powerful Java language !!!

Below are the contents we cover :

Java Basics,
Methods in java ,
Strings and examples related to them
Arrays and MultiDimensional arrays,
Arrays examples, 
Java loops and conditions
Code logics with practise example
OOPS concepts,Inheritance.polymorphism,Abstraction
Types of Interfaces,
Function overloading and overriding,
Constructors and their usage,
Super and this keywords usage,
 Types of exceptions,
Try catch finally Mechanism,
Final variable,
Java collections,
ArrayList , Set, List, Linked list
Date and calendar classes  and many more !!

Who this course is for:

  • To Any one who want to learn java language and enter into Technical jobs

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