Cooking for One (or Two) Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to personalize and cook menus for persons (including self) with specific needs and preferences.
  • Plan a shopping, storage, and cost control strategy for the above.
  • Plan menus that are flavorful, eye appealing and are able to maintain a high degree of interest among diners
  • Become familiar with and use on-line resources that allow for continuous learning on this topic


  • None except an interest in cooking and in the topic


Cooking for One (or Two) Why Cook for One (Not just for   those dining alone for whatever reason,  but including medical, preferences, family needs, etc., When you are not the one!

What you will learn:

To review popular diets, restrictions and recommendations. How to make menus fit guidelines meeting a wide variety of needs,

To use commonly available supermarket convenience items, such as a deli   rotisserie chicken to   create mediums for soup and sauce production, as well as  to design 4 distinct   menu items from 1 bird.

To utilize   the concept of seasonality to showcase farm to table best practices, to maximize purchasing power and provide healthful additions to your   regular menus.

To work   within a conservative and reasonable  budget to    maximize yield and minimize waste, spoilage and over-production, Time will be spent on best practices for storage, food safety including time/temperature abuse, cross contamination and proper sanitary practices, in general.

Visuals   are provided for (descriptors on Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, Diabetic, High Fiber, Halal, Kosher, and Vegan diets.

A review of Considerations for children, various handicaps and the elderly. Charts as available. Strategies for planning in these areas will be reviewed.

ü Medical restrictions and allergens will be reviewed   including  caveats and   purchasing, storage  and production hints. to become familiar   with how to navigate the   most common food Allergens: Shellfish, gluten, nuts, dairy, and  certain vegetables and fruits.

ü To learn about   working around food dislikes and picky eaters: strong flavors, very spicy, unfamiliar foods will be addressed

To introduce new foods and food options to the normally food timid.

Who this course is for:

  • Those wanting to personalize cooking and menu plans for themselves and others.

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